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Velainu Vandhutta Vellaikaaran Review (2016)

Posted by: haroon on: Jun 05,2016 in: Kollywood, Reviews

Production: Ezhilmaaran Productions, Vishnu Vishal Studioz

Cast: Nikki Galrani, Robo Shankar, Soori, Vishnu Vishal

Direction: Ezhil

Music: C.Sathya

Background score: C.Sathya

Cinematography: Shakthi

Director Ezhil’s flicks are entertaining enough to make you forget about the world for its duration, this time has created a true laugh-riot that should be recognized. since the logics in commerical themes are considered to be invisible. this strive is convincing enough to establish this film as something that could be very possible to labeled with a doozy tagline ” stress-buster ”. while Vishnu Vishal making his debut as a producer of the film.

it’s a definite step backward from the high concept and high energy of Vishnu’s Previous Ventures although New Line needn’t be worried. This one managed to keep him as a diverse subject achiever, the plot might be a recycled drama but it is worth the price of admission in itself – ultimately creating near endless hilarity with mirthful laughter to get indulged, The story, of course, is simply crammed for an endless non-solemnity of routine-things, and the percentage of them that score is fairly high. But since the jokes are based over and over on the fact that Soori And Robo Shankar are really, really euphoric-relief  for the viewers, a certain rollicking factor sets in, But what’s really surprising is that, for the most part, it’s humor manner is pretty terrific.

out-of-the-box logistics necessitated to produce a laugh-until-you-drop comedy in the modern era movies, As to the film, it is excessive and overly familiar another show but Velainu Vandhutta Vellaikaaran comical track had a broad age range so that everyone could enjoy it. this jaunting is likeable to take in, it might follows a usual guidelines as we seen before but it certainly delivers exactly the type of entertainment commercial fans crave which is laudable. Credit the screenplay by Director Ezhil that doesn’t meet many cliches it can’t skewer, and the inspired pairing of Soori and Robo Shankar portions are such a treat to be witnessed. the latter are delivered with skill and commercial based, while the attempts at enjoyable character development are rewarded by the delightful factor they add to the plot line.

speaking about the performances, Vishnu Vishal  has earned a lot of attention from his role and he deserves it, giving an honest performance, which clearly took a lot of umpteen movies him to excels in comedy genre. Nikki Galrani is pretty to look at and she is convincing in her part. here we have our stand out performers soori and robo shankar – Both will receive well-earned accolades for their memorable work as ” Pushpa Purushan And ” Jacket Janaki Raman ”. both of them are exceptional in their relatively major portions and feed off each other wonderfully with highly appealing lines. courtesy of some fine performance by supporting cast consolidated the run-off-the-mill scenes into a captivating way. In a refreshing change, the marketing team kept oodles of the best jokes from being spoiled by the trailers that You’ll certainly enjoy.

Technically speaking, companied by sublime visuals and fine cinematography work this movies stays what its wanted to become, doozy editing and musical support of C.Sathya counted to be as a primary aspects of the film, compositions and framing are so meticulously crafted. director ezhil’s usual tricks in favor of a simple and very real performance denoting that it has flows with accurate commercial-pleasure. VVV will entertain its invested viewers for the duration, but honestly very little is accomplished something new in the two hour span. here’s nothing about this story that is overly fresh or unexplored, but the film garners high marks since you typically don’t see many tale likes this utilizing a Village backdrop.

Ultimately, Velai Illanu Vanthuta Vellaikaaran is a light-hearted feature that everyone could enjoy, it certainly has its major flaws but this film accomplishes what it sets out to do. It’s an chucklesome film that gets better upon repeat viewings. The movie plays with facetious-factor beautifully and  it allows viewers to experience the refreshing comedy brand that nothing less than hilarious, Velai Illanu Vanthuta Vellaikaaran successfully serves the narrative, but it’s a missed opportunity to craft an engaging story to move further success but indubitably has the potential to work with fun-seeking movie goers.

Rating 3/5