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Top 5 Leonardo Dicaprio performance of all time

Posted by: sabz on: Feb 29,2016 in: Articles, Hollywood

Since Leonardo DiCaprio finally won his 1st Oscar after 6 nominations,let’s see which all are his best performance in his full film career.Throughout the years the Leo have given so much amazing performances in all his movies.in my opinion,he is arguably the best actor in Hollywood who gives us great performances and quality film consistently.So without any spoilers,let me show you some of best performance of Leonardo DiCaprio.



Wolf of wall street might not be the film that earned him the Oscar.but it’s his best performance till date.The movie was based on real life events of a wall street fraud named ‘Jordan Belfort’.Leo depicted Jordan Belfort with perfection and it was one of the most charismatic performance that I have ever seen.The whole movie is about how Jordan Belfort made ridiculous amount of money through his charismatic speeches and intellect.it also showed his personal ludicrous life style.The whole movie is a mind blowing experience for viewers as it really shows the greed of a man for money to its full extent and how much money can impact one’s morality.The movie is directed by legendary director Martin Scorcesse.it earned leonardo an Oscar nomination and it is the best performance of Leo till date.



‘Aviator’ was yet another Leonardo dicaprio-martin scorcesse collaborated film.this was another biopic film from the duo about the eccentric legendary director and aviator named Howard Hughes.the movie showed his life from 1920s to mid 1940s.the movie focuses on the personal life of Howard Hughes who had Obsessive compulsive disorder and how his eccentric personal life affected his professional life.this was fully a performance oriented movie and Leo nailed it.The film won 5 Oscars.



Revenant is the movie that earned Leo his first ever Oscar win.The revenant is a survival film inwhich DiCaprio plays the character named ‘Hugh glass’ who has to survival all the odds of nature.the movie has earned Oscar for best picture and best actor.the film was directed by Alejandro Gonzalez.(check out revenant review on our website)



Now this must be a movie that is not familiar to everyone.its because this film came out during the earlier phase of his career.Leo depicts the role of a young talented teenager who becomes addicted to drugs.He perfectly portrays his character changing from a cheerful young teenager to a drug addict that has lost almost everything in his life.Even at young age he was able to handle these types of complex characters to perfection.that’s why ‘basketball diaries’ is one among best leonardo DiCaprio performance.



If someone wants to know the talent of Leonardo dicaprio,then,show them ‘what’s eating Gilbert grape’.Leo is not playing the main role but he is playing a mentally retarded character named ‘Arnie’ who is the brother of the main character Gilbert(played by Johnny Depp).the movie is about relationship of Gilbert with his family and love.what makes this performance so incredible is because of the fact that Leo played ‘Arnie’ at the age of 19 and this single performance at the age of 19 earned Leo his first ever Oscar nomination. This was also the only Oscar nomination that the film got.