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Surya’s 24 teaser Review

Posted by: sabz on: Mar 05,2016 in: Articles, Kollywood

Surya’s latest film ’24’ teaser was released yesterday.the film is directed by Vikram Kumar whose last film in Tamil was ‘Yavarum Nalam’.The movie stars Suriya,Samantha and Nithya Menon in the lead roles.teaser has created a major anticipation among the fans.so let me just show you the key elements of the teaser and what to expect from the film

Key Elements from the teaser

  • Genre- Teaser starts off with an equation turning into credits along with a clock ticking sound as BGM.then it cuts towards the first scene which shows working of a time machine(possibly?) with suriya near it.that’s a strong way to start off the teaser as it sets up the Sci-Fi theme of the film.then the teaser progresses with different getups,narration and action sequences of suriya.all these shows that ’24’ might be a Sci-Fi thriller film.so suriya and the ’24’ team deserves an applause for trying to explore such a genre because science fiction films are hardly tried in Indian cinema and a very few Indian films have worked.so if this movie delivers,this might open the way for film makers to explore more sci-fi films.
  • Story- Storywise,not much is revealed but what the teaser really establishes is the conflict between 2 characters of suriya.it shows glimpse of surya making a time machine,hiding something on a box and a possible chase sequence.so my speculation regarding the story is that it’s a race between the 2 characters of suriya for that particular thing that suriya refers as ‘watch’ at the end of the teaser.another scene that is worth speculating is the old aged getup of suriya.I think it must be related to time travel.however all these things are actually my own speculations only.so from all these I think time travel plays a dominent role in the overall story which would be thrilling to watch.
  • Characters- Throughout the whole teaser,like I said above,the conflict between the main 2 characters(probably the hero and villain,both played by suriya himself) are shown.from the looks,dialogs and scenes,I think the film is more oriented towards the villain character of suriya.why I think he is the villain and the film has more importance for him?because the whole teaser is narrated by him,we see him intimidating the other character and we even see him shooting.we don’t see much from the other character.all we see is him running away and hiding the ‘watch’.so if this film is more oriented towards the villain,then,its certainly a bold move by suriya.if the movie works,then,then this role might be one of his performance ever.teaser doesn’t show much of other characters.we only see a glimpse of Samantha running and another train sequence where Nithya Menon(probably?)is running alongside hero suriya with a baby.
  • BGM- The BGM from A.R Rahman was simply stunning.from the clock ticking sound in the beginning of teaser to the thrilling BGM at the end,it was simply stunning.so I expect BGM to be top notch for the film.

What to expect- so overall,’24’ teaser was good.the teaser sets the tone of the film perfectly with the main characters,the BGM and the Sci-fi elements of the film.I expect a thrilling sci-fi film with a stunning performance from suriya as the villain.My only concern is that whether the makers will try to focus too much on the stardom of suriya rather than on the story.I hope am wrong.