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The Nice Guys (2016) Review

Posted by: haroon on: Aug 23,2016 in: Hollywood, Reviews

Director Shane Black has certainly become a genre fancier himself.  Before focusing his career at directing – which is also a genre unto itself, he jotted down some of the most enlivening movies of all-time, such as Letha Weapon, The Long Kiss Goodnight, and Last Action Hero. well, maybe the “most enlivening movies of all-time” designation is a stretch, but that doesn’t change the fact that Shane Black certainly has a clear-cut flamboyance – and as such, a legion of followers.

With his directing debut, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (2005), Shane Black exalted the cinematic landscape, inventing one the modern era’s outstanding neo-noir crime films.  which is undeniable – well, it was critically acclaimed and played huge in box office.  After all, it did land him writing and directing duties on one the highest grossing superhero movies of all-time, Iron Man 3. this time, Shane Black brings back the buddy cop comedy/actioner that is so far bygone years from now.

The Nice Guys, written and directed by Shane Black (Iron Man 3, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang), Ryan Gosling stars as a a single father who consistently in drink over his dead wife, Holland March.  pursuing the death of a popular adult film star, March takes a case to locate a young woman, Amelia Kutner (Margaret Qualley), who somehow has ties to the death of the adult film star. Healy (Russell Crowe), the full time lonely- but who has his own evil shades ( the diner guy), in the search for a missing activist.

However, Amelia contacts an unlisted enforcer-for-hire, Jackson Healy (Russell Crowe), and pays him to physically persuade March to stop following her.  But, unusual events instant Healy to uncharacteristically hire March to locate Amelia – thrusting the duo, along with March’s adolescent daughter, Holly March (Angourie Rice), into the thick of a murderous mystery.

The Nice Guys is insanely a jam-packed noir-style mystery that flourishes on the sole conception that viewers know little to nothing about the story prior to witnessing it.  As such, my thoughts going to work to the best of my ability to reveal as several doozy plot-points as possible – and that’s comparatively easy to do considering there’s huge amount of other imposing elements of this movie to talk about. this movie’s pace gets pretty fascinating after they team up to solve the mystery of the missing girl, chasing indications to the porn industry and Detroit’s auto industry. In particular, the acting stands out as the film’s true selling point – and is nearly as awe-inspiring as the mystery themes and plot development themselves.  In keeping with Black’s compulsive discrepancy-buddy action feature formula, the men find themselves in increasingly gruesome trouble and highly relies on alternating smoothly between sharp line deliveries and loopy physical comedy.

as the performances, let me start by saying that this could be easily one of the favorite Ryan Gosling role to date – but then again, it’s not as though I’ve been a raging Gosling Watcher.  predominantly, remember him best from The Notebook And Drive, yet –  he gets some terrific moments, in particular thanks to a plot development half way through. He’d already drawn more attention to himself than he should.  In this feature, Gosling couldn’t be more hilarious, more charming, and attentive to acting space if he tried.  It’s not just the humor that sells this role, though – Gosling provides an heaps of laugh-out-loud moments. It’s just one of many scenes that allow Ryan Gosings to pop off the screen as a terrifying yet funny to anyone and everyone,
It’s also the lovey-dovey relationship his character has with his young daughter, portrayed fantastically by Angourie Rice, which makes the character Holland March so endearing.

Crowe isn’t the first actor most peoples would think of for the role of Healy, but he turns out to be an prefect fit for the role.  Crowe has been hindered by not-so-inspiring roles and less-than-memorable films. this character puts and end for his those days,  Crowe is enthralling in his role, too.  He’s brings a brute’s mentality to the duo, and both of them are exceptional in the way they manage to wrap theme and character and suspense together. Speaking of that father/daughter relationship between Gosling and Rice, Not merely is Rice brilliant with her portrayal, writer/director Shane Black gives her a pretty uplifting role in the film, to perform.  Holly March’s character does includes the aspects such as innocence, yet bright and brave, and without her favor, neither March or Healy, would have been able to solve the story’s main intention and clever mystery.

On a technical level, the film’s Cinematography and some camera works convince you that you’re really out there enduring the 70’s,  Director Shane Black does manage to capture an inciting style with grainy, high contrast photography exploring the atmosphere of Los Angeles. Regardless, if there’s one drawback – it’s that the film could possibly have used a compelling villain.  Again, they introduce the character as john boy , but in the grand scheme of things – the villain ends up being a symbolic system rather than one specific person (it’s not an understatement to say the script eventually missing the villain it demands). With each new story comes depth and disturbance from the characters and overall plot, so one can easily ignore this very minuscule flaw.

Ultimately, The Nice Guys is a fantastically written and directed film from the ingenious of Shane Black – and while it doesn’t have the feats of  his debut feature Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, this is still a sublime noir-themed effort.  In all honesty, the story should be the selling point for this film, yet Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe are the clear-cut show stealers, The Nice Guys is not only belly laughs, but incorporates it comedic instincts with a well-constructed plot development that keeps you consistently engrossed. As someone who hasn’t seen 70′ s action films, this one’s for you, It works so much better and is definitely one for repeat viewings. I advise you to give these two nice guys a chance!

Ratings – 3.75/5