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Iru Mugan Review (2016)

Posted by: haroon on: Sep 09,2016 in: Kollywood, Reviews

Production: Shibu Thameens

Cast: Vikram, Nayanthara, Nithya Menon, Thambi Ramaiah

Direction: Anand Shankar

Screenplay: Anand Shankar

Music: Harris Jayaraj

Cinematography: RD Rajashekar

Editing: Bhuvan Srinivasan

after relishing a decent venture ” Arima Nambi ” director anand shankar has tried to launch his vision in science fiction genre, although it may seem as a concreted strive, he chose to replete with huge cast and crew to the consolidates it merit into a certain extent. latterly, sci fi element gives the inventor create his own theories as he crave and ample brillaince to play. as we percipience in heap flicks . especially as many of the formulas have been recycled. Iru Mugan has affixes With narration by several characters, each adding their own viewpoint to the further events.

the trailers and promos looked as though it might be the relief of a fresh take on sci-fi thrillers. Say what you will, but looks are often deceiving, the basic plot of the movie already has been used in many movies. yet the idea is clever to what its trying to be, the underlying theme have delivered the alignment for a fresh kind of looking movie to the kollywood: since the film delivers on its intended purpose to provide laugh-a-minute antics within the action premise of the source material.  Iru Mugan could have been a pure experience, it’s been so long since the rich-looking crew have spilled out of a cinema literally buzzing with the sensation of a new kind movie. to the extent that some film-junkies may be able to anticipate some of the movie’s biggest twists and turns. In a insensible change, the marketing team revealed some of the predominant sequences from the trailers that you will certainly be able to guess. the movie had its twist and turns in highlited portions- such as intermission block scene poured in instantly as a scream-out-loud material but the viewers already enlightened by the screenplay process.

the characters that revolve in this feature were designed fantastically, they really denoted they obviously has enormous talent by the trustworthy nonchalant they have with their characters. Akilan’s character is a interestingly done, while re-entering into a spy rendered all the more effective by how wonderfully Vikram captures his character’s initial impotence and bewilderment. he is ruthless at times -primarily because of his wife’s unbearable absence and typical investigating style is worth mentioning ( 2 minutes) and definitely ” Love ” character which was highly anticipated by everyone. This character insanley compels the attention and slick but the writing taking places in a routine circle that travels similiar path of a cliches. i was quite suprised with juvenile and mature directors perking up for a technologically stunning movie that shoves the genre and detailed sci-fi ingredients with crowd-pleasing performances to pursue its standard. director anand shankar uses the tricks of the thriller trade well, but why it subjectively works is that it withholds the unnecessary information until almost the very end.

looking at performances, Featuring as Intense Akilan and Insane Love- It’s a powerhouse performance showcasing Chiyaan Vikran’s arresting abilities, both physically and dramatically. he’s been evidently devious as a hardworker for his roles. in this venture, Chiyaan vikram is able to switch into the display mania of playing two totally different characters. The fact that he’s capable to cause such caged various skills towards himself and to the audience makes us believe that he’s one of the greatest actor of his generation, Nayanthara as meera- probably the glam-looking role she has done after billa (2007). playing the love interset of vikram and also a spy agent, she shares couple of striking moments in the story and flair of mannerism she’s stocked with are convincing to look at- It is her character that adds another layer of thematic substance and courtesy of some fine performances by a mostly well-rounded cast.

Iru Mugan certainly has some serious logic issues and untidy screenplay flaws, i thought it would be busy mind-blowing sci fi entertainer as the updates and promos vowed but it was initially on the verge of being labeled an mediocre, predictable film. While the narrative presented in this film is sustainable for what it is, the story behind the story is far more foreseeable. the film takes few risks, following the familiar revenge trajectory. The quick cuts and flashy cinematography is a clear trademark of director and Cinematographer R.D. Rajasekar’s phenomenal camera work is the true selling point of the movie, this film displays a colorful and evocative cinematography by him. every visual element in the movie is well crafted and obviouslt thought out which makes the storytelling somewhat gripping at parts. Harris Jayaraj’s breezy melody numbers and energetic score exalts the particular scenes into super-reviving output.

Ultimately, With a solid cast behind the wheel of this endeavour, the story is pretty easy to figure out. Iru Mugan follows usual guidelines, but it does deliver an congenial sci-fi elements and quality performances to assure you a fine pop corn outing.

Rating – 2.75/5