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Chennai 600028 2nd Innings – Review (2016)

Posted by: haroon on: Dec 10,2016 in: Kollywood, Reviews

Production: Black Ticket Films

Cast: Aravind Akash, Jai, Nithin Sathya, Premji Amaran, Shiva

Direction: Venkat Prabhu

Screenplay: Venkat Prabhu

Story: Venkat Prabhu

Music: Yuvan Shankar Raja

Background score: Yuvan Shankar Raja

Cinematography: Rajesh Yadav

as we all know, time plays a major part in everyone’s lives and it’s not merely about growing old, it’s about the variety of wisdom that life enlightens us in every stages of life. we might not be able to pursue our personal desires, even if we could – the possibilities are pretty bijou. after looking back at the favorite boys of 2007 (chennai 28 ) gang ain’t getting any younger anymore. some of them are married and carrying a burden to make sure their families safe and happy. while the movie pop-up with ‘Raghu’ (Jai) Marriage is about to happen, the movie attempts to tell the themes of the ” Love, Friendship, Break-up, Revival ” as its predecessor.

the narrative is a not-so-awe and mostly a usual guideline to follow, The story predominantly take places in Theni, intention of likeable atmosphere to have a blast and spend some quality time with their friends, when after a victorious cricket match and item number everything didn’t happen as we expected them to be. but this doesn’t detract from the enjoyment of the film, as it features such a amusing witty- you still want to know how the characters’ lives play out. Thankfully the film moves so quickly and is genuinely passable for most of its duration. but this sequel isn’t simply a laugh riot. I won’t go so far as to describe it as a character study, but all the characters have profound personality problems, and the theni trip works on them like bringing back the cricket-fiesta that they had before being married.

Director Venkat Prabhu is well aware of how far he can push things and still expect to be able to play it as comedy and he has a genuine eye for building the appropriate environment and set pieces. this movie does include new characters like Vaibav, Mahath and mostly of them are well-portrayed with the story. the combination of interesting dialogues and some hilarious portions make this film’s first half entertaining ride, the second half grab bag of dropped plot points, routine-visual-metaphors, and some recycled scenes that claim itself as a comic drama. it gets laughs, but some of them are in disbelief.

speaking about the performances. Chennai 28 cast is one of the most impressive features in a mult-starrer film and remains tremendously authentic from beginning to end in this sequel also features a well-rounded cast and imbues their performances, but the standout must be Mirchi Siva as (Karthik) , he’s performances is surely enough to warrant a view and loudly proclaims that he is such a delight in handling witty roles.

there’s a myth that when it comes to humor in particular, Lightning can be never bottled twice. yes, the sequel is pretty much the same overall setup as the first film but Comedy franchise’s have the thinnest of lines to walk between retaining familiarity and inspiring new laughs, and it’s a precarious balance to maintain for the entirety of a feature-film run time. mostly dealing with the same subject matter – only variety they provide is some new addition to the cast with different interactions. but Venkat Prabhu have once again snubbed serious filmmaking logic and inserted a second shot of life into the Chennai 28 brand. which is entertaining, by the way

Chennai 28 II succeeds at times because it knows what its doing and relies on what its capable of. With the filmmaker in on the joke, there is a room to approach the material with clarity and purpose,repeating the necessary character beats and maintaining the essential consistency in tone with the first film. The cricket sequences shot quite well, making it a richly dense viewing experience, in addition to being a funny one too. Also favoring to persue the freshness of the proceedings is the fact that the movie so regularly mocks its own director by reviewing a film, there are still some scenes in the episodic que that don’t hit that well – but as always, comedy is an subjective aspect and for the most part the filmmakers have a strong array of scenes and gags to offer.

Technically, this movie is slick  – Cinematography told its narrative in a convincing way and there’s a worth mentioning when top-angle views being captured beautifully. Yuvan Shankar Raja’s numbers and score is another life-savior for this flim. even for a 10 secs scenes – he shows his diverse by delivering amazing peppy and poignant soundtracks as well. and he has given more than this material demands.

Ultimately, this film met my personal criteria for an gleeful viewing experience. Chennai 28 II pulls off the comedy sequel balancing act still has something to unfold, that’s enjoyable and better than just about comparative franchise in the particular genre. this certainly isn’t neither compelling or takes itself too seriously, but has constructed a subtle, fun pop-corn flick that’s undeniably delightful to experience.

Rating 3/5