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24 Review (2016)

Posted by: haroon on: May 07,2016 in: Kollywood, Reviews

Production: 2D Entertainment
Cast: Nithya Menen, Samantha, Saranya Ponvannan, Suriya
Direction: Vikram K Kumar
Screenplay: Vikram K Kumar
Story: Vikram K Kumar
Music: A R Rahman
Background score: A R Rahman
Cinematography: Tirru
Editing: Prawin Pudi

Director Vikram Kumar first teamed up with R.Madhavan directing 13/b ” Yavarum Nalam ” on 2009’s and succeed with a huge triumph, a strange-looking futuristic spooky feature that was full of the sort of potential that elevates horror genre for the follow-up. Through that flick, here we have his new project ”24 ”—featuring Suriya in three shades that revolves around heaps of theories about sci/fi. The Director’s visual mastery is enthralling, and they’ve built an visually immersive, utmost quality alternate cosmos.

Time Travel adventures mostly dealing with the same materials, only different directions and sub plots. This is a very complex story and it is told in a simple way which everyone could drown into it, basic plot is a simple idea as we indulged in many similar themes but what makes this strive special is grandeur making and set-works .since handling an principal lead in sci/fi genre is seems to be a complex element – surya boldly charged into 3 different characters with dissimilar looks for each that makes him a complete another person, playing the father role as sethuraman who is a scientist and trying to invent a time machine to control the time which possibly could work only for a day. its does has the feature of freeze though he didn’t focus about traveling months and years until the project 24 becomes a success. Nithya menen starring as priya, she got married with sethuraman and blessed with a baby boy. then there is the introduction of nefarious elder brother of sethuraman, named Athreya who’s craving to steal his brother’s time travel device. rest of the story i assure you to witness yourself for the doozy experience. as the story progress director makes it intriguing with his brilliant vision that incredibly conveyed on-screen. 24 is a visually wonderland, capturing some of the picturesque- set works and CGI.

24 combines science-fiction paranoia, a film noir-style thriller and elements of amusing tragedy into something that feels fresh and very appealing. the story is distinctly told which is an wise achievement because it could have been presented in a much more perplexing manner. Although the story is intriguing, it unnecessarily taking up on a romance ingredient that may leave you unsatisfied in some parts. as the matter of fact, obviously this movie’s love interest do share oodles of scenes together the actual romantic aspect isn’t explored as well as it should have been. when it comes to screenplay,Each twist is beautifully crafted delving into the details but not over doing and plenty of witty humour to keep this from becoming too much of a dramatic slog for younger theatre goers.

The film’s amazing to look at and done technically well. Summing up: technical brilliance in at least several aspects. (character design, CGI, cinematography, editing). The tone of this film is instantly set from the opening credits onward. Cinematographer thiru who has proven to be a commanding presence behind the camera deserves a special mention for his commendable Job, predominantly visible in songs such as Kaalam Yen, Kadhaliyo and Naan Un – its richer work than expected with his use of shadows, light, and silhouettes are obvious reasons to cherish. A.R. Rahman taking care of the music department. he has composed a stellar album for the movie and his score is reviving the screenplay when its about to diminishes the focus down.

talking about the performances, Surya delivers richly absorbing performances in his three shades. specially as antagonist Athreya, he absolutely dominates each and every one of his scenes, He displays a searing kind of magnetism which we rarely get observed, featuring as Mani He gives the film its gravitas and unique flair with a performance that will certainly find empathy with viewers. Samantha As Sathya is convincing, brings the gorgeous look and love aspect to the film that does considerable yet annoying justice to the source material. Nithya Menen As Priya has a brief role bur delivered audiences as a wonderful supporting character. The film boasts some decent cast performances with emotional connect that highly works between suriya and saranya ponvannan.

Director Vikram Kumar’s script is one such delight, proving to be an especially tight and well-crafted sci/fi thriller that relentlessly throws peril and thrills at the audience with barely an intake of breath. this movie definitely has its flaws, It’s a solid notion, yet it’s incorporated with romance and some sequences that executed in a manner plenty of viewers will find disinteresting. Love is a universal perpetual element in films. Even in horror, sci-fi and other action genre pictures, there is a romantic theme to watch out for.The plot is dealing with invention and on close inspection depends on some perhaps improbable clumsy mistakes, coincidences and convergences yet, everything about the film seemed to work well. particularly in the second half rapid screenplay introduces some satisfyingly nasty twinges and shocks which perk-up the attention leisurely.

Ultimately, 24 is an brilliantly written that consolidated by heartfelt performance certain to influence and motivate K’town audience to reach new heights. Director Vikram Kumar is a wise filmmaker, he has the capability of creating absorbing characters and CG Creatures , especially handling the screenplay through umpteen number of method that contacts at the end with unique solutions , While the gorgeously shot set-piece performances are a highlight of the film, 24 may lack the substance it needed to be a great film, yet this wide-scale effort by the entire team should be recognized among the viewers, its refreshing screenplay executed with enough flair and its cast has enough adroitness to make it a very good one.

Rating 3.25/5