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Zootopia REVIEW

Posted by: sabz on: Mar 04,2016 in: Hollywood, Reviews

  • Genre- Animation, Action, Adventure
  • Date of Release- March 4 2016
  • Directors- Byron Howard, Rich Moore,Jared Bush
  • Written by- Jared Bush, Phil Johnston
  • Starring- Gennifer Goodwin, Jason Bateman,Idris Elba

‘Zootopia’ is a Disney animated film directed by Byron Howard,Rich Moore and Jared Bush.Bryan and Rich have given us some good animated films in the past such as ‘Wrech it ralph’ and ‘tangled’.So obiviously i expected this movie to be good.Basic premise of the film is about the life of a rookie cop who is a bunny dreaming to become a great cop in a city called Zootopia


  • The most intriguing aspect about this animated film was the theme that it discusses.the film conveys a message against racism and discrimination in a unique,interesting and brilliant way.so the theme itself deserves an applause.
  • It’s a multilayered film as it brilliantly explores the difficulties of life,racism,dreams of an underdog etc.
  • Eventhough it’s the story of an underdog,the writing was pitch perfect as everything that happened in the film was so convincing,interesting and brilliant.
  • The 2 of the main characters were likable and had great chemistry between them.both of their motives,their relation,backstories,behaviours etc were shown perfectly.
  • Very few animated films are able to appeal to both adults and kids.this one is one of them.The movie is a complete package as it has action,thrill,comedy,emotion,message etc.
  • Animation was top notch as expected from a Disney movie.All of the characters movements,emotions etc was a joy to watch.
  • The 3D and the visual spectable of the film is an added plus to the film.unlike so many other film,movie shows 3D in most parts.in terms of visuals,the way they show the city of zootopia in the beginning,the jungle,snow etc was a joy to my eyes.
  • The animal diversity and the funny elements shown through them was wonderful.
  • The investigative portions were unpredictable and it kept me thrilled and interested throughout.


  • Only small flaw that I felt with the film was the lack of development of minor characters because their underdevelopment really lowered the movie’s twist and turns.

Verdict- So ‘zootopia’ is an excellent animated film that is appealing to both adults and children.this is a film that you don’t want to miss in theatres.

Score- 8.2/10