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Yatchan Review (2015)

Posted by: haroon on: Sep 20,2015 in: Kollywood, Reviews

Production: UTV Motion Pictures, Vishnu Vardhan Films
Cast: Arya, Deepa Sannidhi, Krishna, Swathi Reddy
Direction: Vishnuvardhan
Screenplay: Subha, Vishnuvardhan
Story: Subha, Vishnuvardhan
Music: Yuvan Shankar Raja
Cinematography: Om Prakash

                         Yatchan – Usual Vishnuvardhan Touch With Mediocre Plot

Following, Arinthum Ariyamalum and Pattiyal, Director Vishnuvardhan has indicate us with his flavour of past those movies via ” Yatchan ” Trailers and in recent interviews, yup he has bring the glide-style with another duo, as we experienced his previous ventures,when it comes to cast selection is all about trends and to a certain extent – it always has been. only different characters with different interactions. while he is teaming up with Arya for the fifth time, and directing his own brother Krishna for the very first time

Yatchan is a short story that turned into a film, writer subha and director vishnuvardhan after the talks, they have led up to a fun-filled entertainer , two passionate people with dreams precarious accidentally by fate and their destiny to get back their lost life when they visit chennai, 1st half start slowly and foretell what we can expect throughout the flick, vishnuvardhan’s agile screenplay and song placements are slick executed, handling the unblemished flavour again with a different storyline yet even it shared some similarities with AA and Pattiyal , director managed to engage viewers with interval block sequence which well handled led-up to captivate 2nd half.. and the 2nd half is fun-paced with plenty of action, introduces some satisfyingly nasty twinges and shocks but the bummer is the way it’s slewed because of mediocre plotted-though and the wit is missing,courtesy of some fine performance by well rounded cast makes it intriguing watch

Arya has struck intense-commendable with his role, razor sharp and happy-go-lucky character remind you of arinthum ariyamalum Kutty, and seems quite comfortoble to go on an action mode.. Krishnahas provide a standout performance, His performance is sympathetic, powerful, enthralling, and even menacing when it needs to be. very well balanced lead for him which anyone’s attention will click, Deepa Sannidhi Her onscreen chemistry is at its top anytime she’s involved with, and her countenance was well-fit for the role, director has plotted the character with  pessimistic intend and story-turn-out point, Swathi reddy is delight to watch, she is been exquisite at the same time energize the flick yet even it started to prolonging unnecessarily.. Thambi Ramaiah is hilarious, but not that much entertaining .. RJ Balaji is a scream, he get the job done with his humorous lines and the movie’s minus is baddie Adhil hussain many of viewers find him that he has been miscast big time, if they had consider more about the villain. i assume it will be fine.. but still The film features a quality cast, a ton of laughs and peppy

Yuvan’s Energizing BGM and Tracks are noteworthy with the duration, he has played a major role, and courtesy of DOP Om prakash’s brings the lustrous prompt visual uplift is brilliant piece of work,which deserves a plaudits

as director vishnuvardhan mentioned it’s entertaining with his usual touch with some twist but the plot is predictable though, while the film is never going to match up to the cult classic (AA – Pattiyal), it does share some similarities. It suffers from predictability and prolonging conversations , but it has a decent cast but it could have been better if they add some emotions and focus about the characterization instead of using references if then it’s comparable with his previous appealing ventures , reinvigorate less 1st half is the crestfallen.. it’s a certain relief for action-fun junkies, romance wasn’t the sustain, apart from songs it’s barely working out

Ultimately, ” Yatchan ” is just another typical means of entertainment – nothing more, nothing less, Just classified as you’re typical , apprehensive thought which led up to a game changer for the everyone, the leads does an admirable job of leading the charge in this humorous / action dozen pack, Arya and Krishna both sensational in the lead roles but still the narrative is foreseeable, and needles conversations and ordinary action sequences is not convincing fully .. it’s a risky endeavor that’s typically only towards a limited target audience. pursuing the flavour after a while has doesn’t bring anything new.. Time pass pop corn oriented fun-filled flick, Should take a chance on viewing if you’re okay with it

 Rating 2.75/5

 Written By: Thuwan Haroon