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Visaranai Review (2016)

Posted by: haroon on: Feb 07,2016 in: Kollywood, Reviews

Production: Vetrimaaran

Cast: Attakathi Dinesh, Samuthirakani, Aadukalam Murugadoss

Direction: Vetrimaaran

Screenplay: Vetrimaaran

Story: Vetrimaaran

Music: GV Prakash Kumar

Background score: GV Prakash Kumar

following the triumphs of Pollathavan and Aadukalam, here comes the director vetrimaaran’s third venture ” Visaranai ”. this film feature Attakathi Dinesh, Aadukalam Murugadoss and Samuthirakani in important roles.

as everyone aware of The film was took from novel titled Lock up, written by M. Chandrakumar, the story kick off in andhra and leisurely pursuing a tale of 4 lads the film takes place primarily in a Jail. a brutal (beating-till-the-shit-out) to be exact, where Dinesh can’t even exalt a breathe. What becomes clear in the opening few minutes is that Dinesh is a young guy from tamilnadu, a single-night turn which convey him and his friends into a peril, but opens the way for many more. Dinesh plays a store-worker named Pandi, plot travel around convicts and boasting some of the most exhilarating brutal sequences ever captured in a long while -beating-to-hell until the leads agreed to pretend whatever the system designed to be, .the film makes ingenious on its promise of a remorseless pragmatic thriller, with predominantly adequate performances.

since the characters are more significant, the cast is a essential element, and felicitous ensemble cast chosen for this feature are pure amalgamate of skilled. Dinesh has given his soul to this fim, Here he punches a worthy follow-up featuring exceptional performances and a story that will be hard to forget. His performance is sympathetic, genuine, challenging, and even menacing when it needs to be. The acting is competent with both Dinesh and Samuthirakani being fine at their craft, aside character developing the film embrace to witness everyone’s part which affords the rest of the ensemble-cast opportunities to shine. director permeate their characters with great savagery and inner tender-hearted while also denoting these roles’ unmistakable vulnerabilities. Star casting offers to maintain a intact balance within the films symathetic flavour that could indulged by anyone. You are deep-rooting for the characters in the prak, as even though it may be somewhat unpredictable, the way it all unveil is worth the watch.

S.Ramalingam on the other hand is competent to use his camera to bring these 4 lads bearable and surviving life to fine on-sceen. He uses praise-worthy camera angles to make the space seem more intense and thrilling in all the accutrate moments, he keeps with the various kinds of brutally beating sequences and specially pre-climax scene revived by whatever sensible crafting that Vetrimaaran wishes to light his brilliant attempt. Each scenes casts its own, You feel every scream of leads battered, pandi’s suffering, convicts utter intolerable-pain not just at their situation but at the system-design which pull them there also wraps it up in a hard-hitting poignant story that serves as much to satisfy the violence urges of people who works outside of native and police system that reprise ordinary innocent peoples with actual criminals.

director Vetrimaaran has a feast eye for visuals and angles to keep things visually interesting, while Editor Kishore gets the best out of him and applying a fine sources to make this experience a frighteningly memorable one. The plot jaunt around few principally characters, with nothing more than a caged-some good officers and their not-guiltness to help them out, things develop through dinesh being of honest human, occasionally bleakly makes everyone in danger and unable to apprise desperate communications with the outside world. Its really fascinating to see a film so based on a true incident which perk-up and hold the attention of everyone, A lot of people are likely to dislike the film on a fundamental level, but Dinesh gives the performance of his life-time here, suffering through a array of emotions, being angry, intense and terrified are but a few. Thrilling and sympathetic, alike physically amazing too.

There are might be a minor tedious moment you may feel, all chiefly found in the first half. but It doesn’t feels so episodic at times, but no cheesy lines and plot holes that i could find ,peaking in a truly great sequence that caused everyone to shout-out in the quiet, near empty cinema. Vetrimaaran used his skill to make this investigation work blissfully with some breathtaking lighting effects to keep it visually arresting. After watching this movie I was left physically palpitated. This was largely because of the pre-climax sequence and eventually last ten minutes are about as nail-biting as ten minutes of film can possibly be. G.V.Prakash’s soul hitting score is perfectly balanced and consolidating the grip.

Ultimately , director Vetrimaaran and feature’s ensemble are ingenious in inventing more plausible brutally-realistic drama than you would ever expect possible. Visaranai is extraordinary. The lifetime performance by dinesh and rest of the cast in recent years. anecdote concept and real-life thrillers like visaranai indicates of how the system works around people and not having a single chance to communicate with outside to enlighten. because the calamity in everyone lives are always expound by speech. If you can take the sheer, ferocious hard-hitting treatments, then this is for you. Fortunately, Visaranai works big-time and this is first class film making.

Rating 4/5