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Thozha Review (2016)

Posted by: haroon on: Mar 26,2016 in: Kollywood, Reviews

Production: PVP Cinemas
Cast: Karthi, Nagarjuna, Tamannaah
Direction: Vamsi Paidipally
Screenplay: Vamsi Paidipally
Story: Éric Toledano, Olivier Nakache
Music: Gopi Sunder
Cinematography: P.S.Vinod
Dialogues: Raju Murugan
Editing: KL Praveen

Thozha, a caption implies us that this is about freindship, Thozha  is a feel good entertainer which is uplifting, funny, heartwarming, etc. – as we already knew, it’s a official remake of the intouchables which was released in 2011 and tasted a huge success, keep the adaptation aside Enjoy this movie for what it is – thozha has packed with everything you could possibly ask from these type of venture.

the basic plot is a usual following template, Vikram (Nagarjuna) is a quadriplegic. sags in to a wheelchair and not-able to feel anything below his neck, but he is leisurely good wisdom about his situation. even He’s wealthy suffice to be able to afford a mediocre painting for 20 lakhs and, with the favor of a secretary, a nurse, and a caretaker, he lives a reasonably emotions-hiding life. When situations turns him to find a replacement for a caretaker, he decided to interviews all the candidates. and when he found one strange-thoughts lad. as the felicitous one to takecare of him That would be seenu (Karthi), a “slum-dog” thief and snubbed by family, who has only applied for the job to prove to government officials that he’s doing good with taking up on jobs , so he can easily released from the jail despite getting doubts again. Vikram is impressed by seenus’ odd approach to the interview and gave him the job. Soon, following some times working through a few tough moments, the bromance bonds and a friendship begins to blossom. It’s fueled by mutual respect,

Thozha is dozens of ounce eye-pleasing moments – the kinds of sequences that remind viewers how much joy can be indulge on a screen. When these two speeding down the highway while having vikram on bike’s backseat and he imagine that he could able to move hands, seenu surpising with dancing up party number at vikram’s birthday party, and asking him to ”can i call you as brother instead of calling sir”, or seenu’s reaction to his debut painting, the movie is overflowing with light-hearted moments. comical parts and drama are well-balanced; things never get too maudlin but, although there are roll on floor moments, It does respects the characters and their situations. Thozha has an “Indian flavor,” meaning that, the team only has inspired the soul and made it typical apt indian show that should play well with the audience,  this movie also eschews cluttering up the narrative with oodles of subplots. There are multiple things jaunting on beyond the development of the central relationship, but they are kept in the fine background.

The attention to detail in even the smallest sequences is worth-prasing and the bit of racing flashback structure means the same attention is paid to the presentation of full and complex characters. thozha is a certain relief for those who seeks comical yet poignantly working parts, when Vikram’s friend Prasath ( Prakash Raj ) Warns when he hires the slumdog as his assistant. “These street guys have no pity,” and he simply replied with “That’s what I want,”. “No pity. this is always the substance with friendship themed films/romantic comedies, the actors and their chemistry represents the bond upon which all else is created. In this case, both leads are winners. They “imbue” their characters, inhabit them deeply, and interact with each other’s feeling in genuine warmth. some of the sequences are fascinating to follow. For laughs, in a bet offer by vikram not-to-caught seenu drives an rapid, life-threatening high-speed chase through the streets of Paris while Vikram fakes like having an heart attack to get a police guards to the hospital emergency entrance.

To be honest, thozha is a more of predictable-drama and heroically tests your patience, because it’s one of movies in which you able to every particular single scene that is going to happen five minutes into the story. what makes this special is role of seenu , whose primary function seems to be as a conduit for Vikram’s to reconnect with the life force he’s forgotten. fair enough, there also are a number of perking up laugh out loud moneys,  A scene in which Prakash realizes he bought the painting that made by karthi is pretty darn funny. The nice-intention through which the “thozha” was filmed may be too sentimentally-colored for some people’s pleasure, but the pack that these talented performers throw open is crystal clear,

talking about the performances, pursuing fine movies such as paruthiveeran and madras – this is karthi’s best performance by a mile, brings his unique approach to carry to solid comic part, expanding on the car-riding scenes with such a pleasant manner is commendable, Nagarjuna is another eye-opener of the movie with his fantastic performance being a quadriplegic and unable to move anything below neck, his dialogues has the potential to make a huge impact thoroughly. tamanna bhatia stars as Keerthy, sustained by the array of wonderful expressions and felicitous costumes makes her role beautiful. the supporting cast is much more of an eyebrow raiser – such as prominent names like Prakash Raj, Vivek, Jayasudha, Kalpana.. cameos of Anushka shetty and shriya saran’s are worth mentioning. On a technical level, P.S. Vinod’s brid-eye views and iconic job behind the camera is visible- the film’s visual effects convince you that you’re really out there in paris, jaunting with several characters.

this movie definitely has its flaws as well, it lacks the score in emotional moments and slowly diminishes the pace in second half, but as a whole there is nothing much to complain about – but still, they could have more work on the story rather than reprising its with unnecessary song placements. Gopi sundar has taken care of the music department, except the score and party number. he’s work is been fine throughout the movie. not-to-forget the Editor K.L. Praveen has a pleasant talent in his profession and he deserves all the lauds he gets.

Ultimately, Thozha is a amusing, emotional, worthy shot to get witnessed. those who have watched the original version also has a chance-to-cherish the show obviously, the adaptation Not only inspired to capture the action and humor of the movie, but it built on a realism-feel and told a breezy and inspirational story. all this flick’s intention was to convey a good message, the performances were exceptional, especially considering that no one was given star treatment. give these two friends a chance at cinemas if this sounds the apt-substance you might wanna check out.

Rating 3.75/5