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Thoongavanam Review (2015)

Posted by: haroon on: Nov 12,2015 in: Kollywood, Reviews

Production: Raaj Kamal Films International
Cast: Kamal Haasan, Prakash Raj, Trisha, Uma Riyaz Khan
Direction: Rajesh M Selva
Screenplay: Kamal Haasan
Story: Kamal Haasan
Music: M Ghibran
Background score: M Ghibran
Cinematography: Sanu Varghese

Kamal Hassan one of the captivating and exuberant actor has returned for crime-thriller genre, this thriller bought up a doozy casting which including kamal hassan,Trisha, Prakash Raj, Kishore and Asha Sarath included in supporting roles. the movie is being produced by Kamal Haasan himself in the banner of Raaj Kamal Films International. ThoongaVanam is the official Kollywood remake of Frederic Jardin’s French thriller ‘Sleepless Night’. the movie gains a heap positive talks around in 2012, Crime-Thriller it’s one of the prominent genre renowned for which will be like Locations that haunt of the night clubs and privy apartments. Director Rajesh M.Selva has lives up to the expectation and  created a masterpiece that should be recognized.

the plot is a thrilling puzzle, as the film pursues a one night Narcotic Officer Diwakar (Kamal Hassan) and his partner pull off a utter cool masked holdup in stunning daylight, stealing more than a dozen kilos of cocaine from a local mobster Vital Rao ( Prakash Raj ) . unfortunately the baddie learns the bona fide cop’s identity and kidnaps his teenage son, demanding the drugs back. The cop goes after the villain and rescue his son, stalking through and shooting up foes in and around a nightclub in an extended, sustained by Ghibran’s massive score. Rajesh M.Selva’s ingenious direction, the film does shootouts and cat-and-mouse tactics expertly, but eventually it does becomes bit slow in second half

While the movie itself doesn’t remains too far from the moderate action formula,it still conducted to bring the audience on thrill ride over the incident of one haunting night. rajesh m.selva clearly in control with it’s enthralling moments, he has brilliantly captured the concept when the hero needs to make his way through the crowded night club and get himself and his son to safety and There are no unwanted silly conversations, no pauses for awkward romantic subplots which would be fail to reenact the original version. that’s what makes the film much intriguing. logic feel real. The action sequences will have you twisting on your seat, not perking up as the hero makes simply ceases the mission. It is not a masala-action ride, like most Kollywood action flicks – but a silence guess-what-next moments are the reason it is a very intense ride. It’s really gripping with summon up a fresh entertainment.

Sustained by magnificent casting. Kamal hassan has done wonders with cop uniform he delivers richly absorbing performances as Diwakar – He displays a searing kind of magnetism we don’t see much in actors these days and he always brings an interesting dynamic to the screen when he appears – his charismatic screen presence offers you goosebumps, specially in fight scenes which companied by Ghibran’s electrifying background score. Prakash Raj as Baddie, certainly an interesting choice for a villain role, actually excels in the position and light up the flick throughout with his humor and countenance.The breakout performance here is the Trisha Krishnan as ( Mallika ) the action sequence between kamal hassan is treat to witness. her on-screen chemistry at its superior anytime she involved with and she definitely struck gold with this film. The role of Mohan is a huge catch and Kishore is very likeable in this role, the rest of the cast is quite interesting too.

The screenplay of the film is written by Kamal Haasan. wisdom of cinematic screenplay which makes audience involved with the tale throughout. he get the job done with character emphasis and fast-paced screenplay which managed to engaged with viewers movie’s first half had enlighten the thrill ride and ensure remainder to create the same impact. director rajesh m.selva who adjusted the script with the amusing theme and extremely well cast, certainly has his moments to shine – visible in the finely choreographed the kitchen-sink action sequence and post-interval portions. there are a oodles of sharply executed reversals as the cop tangles with not only the mobster but a pair of internal affairs investigators on his tail which is not that basically presents audiences with one shootout sequence after another but with his intelligent story telling.

The film has merely one song track in ” Neeye Unakku Raaja ” which sung by kamal hassan, ghibran’s score is another strong factor to keep everything us going. its revive, helping through provide considerable empirical action scenes. cinematographer Sanu Varghese haunting views and keeps his handheld digital camera racing and whooshing through the nightclub.

Ultimately, thoongavanam becomes at times a gratifying visual essay in fatherly love. The plot is impeccable yet enlivening simple, the action is relentless but logical – keeps up an admirable non-stop action packed thriller till the end. there are several dragging moments in second half but nothing much to worry, it’s all overshadowed by splendid performances by cast and clever direction which is something that this material demanded. thoongavanam is an action oriented popcorn featured cinematic experience that needs to be seen in the cinema.

Rating 3.25/5