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Thoongavanam Movie Preview (2015)

Posted by: haroon on: Nov 07,2015 in: Preview

Kamal Hassan, one of the prominent and exuberant actor gearing up for the his latest Venture ” Thoongavanam ” The film is all set to appear on this Diwali ( Nov 10). the flick reported to be a bilingual crime thriller film which directed by Rajesh M. Selva. the movie was shot in telegu as Cheekati Rajyam and in tamil as Thoongavanam, trailers and updates already ensuring a popcorn-thrilling ride while this movie features a splendid cast besides kamal hassan,Trisha, Prakash Raj, Kishore and Asha Sarath included in supporting roles. the movie is being produced by Kamal Haasan himself in the banner of Raaj Kamal Films International.

following , Papanasam Ulaganayagan Kamal Hassan has returned to crime-thriller genre, according to sources This film is the official remake of French thriller movie ‘Sleepless Night’. flick is about to pursue neo noir enthralling drama – it’s one of the certain genre renowned for which will be like Locations that haunt of the night, of shadows, and alleyways of the back doors of fancy places or clubs and mostly shot at night, protecting kids who shouldn’t be playing with the big guys, being on perplexing terms with homicide cops. these type of movies badly requires it’s moody technical cinematography techniques that create an “enigmatic” feel to the movie. hardly the usual glitz and unreliable treatment. This work needs to be compelling to the eye and paced to keep the viewers moving with it’s duration.

Recently director rajesh m.selva revealed in a interview that Thoongavanam was an absolute dream come true. A long-term associate of Kamal, Rajesh says he got to learn a lot from him. “I have assisted Kamal sir for eight years, but never thought that he would make me direct Thoongavanam. Not many debutants get this opportunity to direct Kamal Haasan in their first film, and I consider myself lucky. Sir and I had discussed many scripts. Initially, he was supposed to direct the film. Only later (after pre-production work) I came to know I was directing it. I took the responsibility very seriously and made use of the opportunity,”

Kamal hassan has done wonders with police roles, Ingenious Raghavan I.P.S in ” Vettaiyadu Vilayadu ” is captivating memorable display –  while in this movie Kamal plays a cop with the narcotics control bureau who has a dubious past. common main lead’s transformation into a savior have to rendered all the more effective by how confidently director captures his character’s initial impotence and discernment movie’s solid entertainment value. as we experienced through the years kamal hassan’s characters always has challenges from screen to mind in a splendid manner – now matter which drama is you’re fancy he always managed to keep the audience engrossed and unassaibly knock your socks off with his performances.

sustain of magnificent cast, movie will able to produce a non-stop action extravaganza and purely pragmatic story from beginning to end. Prakash Raj was said to portray a drug dealer named Vital Rao, Trisha’s role as a police officer Mallika,  according to our wisdom child kidnapping and crime thrillers mostly dealing with the same subject method – only different characters with different interactions. visually flamboyant shots which displayed on teasers and trailers yet to appear in the main picture. definitely acting brilliance would be the unequivocally the sole contributing factor that makes this film is a success and enlivening, if it’s an well-written plot which incorporates rip-roaring screenplay.

This Film features merely one song, “Neeye Unakku Raja” , which sung by Kamal Haasan and C. Aishvarrya Suresh. Mohamaad Ghibran’s Background Score is another main factor to consolidate the doozy action sequences and enthralling moments. There are reports that the film was completed in less than 39 days but director rajesh m.selva explained that it took 60 days to complete the Tamil version and the Telugu version of the movie. while kamal hassan’s apt getup and costumes evoke the expectations high  It is believed that the film is being made with opulent technical resources.

Thoongavanam is set for a worldwide release on November 10th with a huge screen count also 105 screens release planned in the USA. movie’s cast is one of the most impressive features in this film that grabs audience expectations until the release. undoubtedly Kamal hassan’s lustrous screen presence and invigorating countenances is always relish to witness. flick should be stay away from slow narrative patterns which does make you beg for speed at some points, thoongavanam appear to be a grueling crime experience with it’s doozy runtime.