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Theri Teaser Thoughts

Posted by: haroon on: Feb 05,2016 in: Kollywood, Reviews


the most anticipated teaser of ilayathalapathy vijay’s upcoming venture Theri has finally hits the youtube and gaining positive reports from loadsa viewers. let’s have a look at the teaser’s exceptional and surprising factors.  Theri Features Vijay , Samantha, Amy Jackson in lead roles and all set for a summer release.




as we experienced in his previous flicks, Vijay has done wonders with cop attire which makes us glanced at his monster-hit ” Pokkiri ” . What is very refreshing in the teaser is it offers a great reminder of his vintage unique mannerism that excels in accurate track throughout, And yet all of the film’s visually arresting set-pieces could possibly set-up to a utmost attempt in vijay’s career which obviously incorporates atlee’s promising vision.




here we have the lovable yet surprising element, a sweet-bonding between father and daughter that visible with super-slick views -sustained by George C. Willam’s Cinematography and atlee’s parenting portion looks already captivating. The sets and felicitous costumes particularly resplendent, the film has a kind of racy toned screenplay and the teaser is smart and focused on what it’s trying to be, doesn’t reveal anything such as story and portrayals of female leads which noticeably remains as a beneficial constituent.




this view certainly holds everyone’s attention without revealing the bona fide changeover, director atlee kept it as a mystery factor. the teaser still manages to create constant high-octane entertainment and endless fan boy pleasure. As for the performances, they are something to behold which is also brought a lot of great acting talent to the table. Theri might has the potential to be one of your favorite viewing experiences of the year.