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Theri Review (2016)

Posted by: haroon on: Apr 15,2016 in: Kollywood, Reviews

Production: Kalaipuli S Thanu

Cast: Amy Jackson, Mahendran, Raadhika Sarathkumar, Samantha, Sunaina, Vijay

Direction: Atlee

Story: Atlee

Music: GV Prakash Kumar

Background score: GV Prakash Kumar

Cinematography: George C Williams

Editing: Antony L Ruben

one of the most anticipated movie of K’twon has finally launches to theaters, ” Theri ” following a victorious And critically acclaimed Raja Rani, director atlee kumar has sums up with a golden opportunity to work with ilayathalapathy vijay in his second venture. the buzz is being jaunting with such a huge hype and promos as everyone assumed vijay’s playing multiple shades in this film.

kollywood has featured heaps numbers of commercial movies, as viewers experienced since the trend kicks off – it’s mostly dealing with the same concept such as revenge dramas that incorporates dozens amusing aspects to make it passable outing, Theri is yet another Vijay’s Commercial movies that doesn’t snub any of pure masala elements. Vijay was evidently apt to play this role. He uses a curious and effective technique to get laughs and emotions, of which the movie has plenty. Instead of saying funny things, he knows how to throw in a pause, just along enough for the audience to figure out what he’s really trying, so that when he says a straight line, it’s funny. The result is convincing and he invites us into his makeover as joseph kuruvilla and makes us observe his something-never-seen-before mannerism. ” Theri” is a run-of-the-mill movie, all the more so because it is so casual about the routine factor. The story is jammed with implausibilities, but it moves so quickly you won’t have long to dwell on them -It sees its events through the mind of a man who should never underestimate his rivalry and not paying attention for further striking-back . Yet the director atlee designed the characters with perfect balance and manifests the emotional touch that has been playing itself out in his own career. Regardless, this film is a straight-up kick-ass ride of endless entertainment. It’s neatly packed with every crystal commercial elements that you demand.

director atlee succeeds again in nailing the vicious atmosphere and believable family dynamic portions that beautifully crafted, even though we can figure out the clues and sometimes arrive at conclusions before he does. atlee combined the elements of a smart, intriguing police officer who falls in love with a doctor (Samantha as Mithra) as the movie progress with this pair’s adorbs conversations and melody numbers, screenplay does some fascinating pace after the villain has been introduced to the story with a political authority flavour and the sequence where antagonist’s son involved in a rape-case the pace earns everyone’s attention while what could possibly happen besides protagonist coming after them. The plot is may not seems as a labyrinthine and on close inspection depends on some perhaps improbable clumsy mistakes, ghostic technique might be funny but revenge could have been so better if they had replaced it with a better gimmick. No glowering oodles logic errors or characters development is well designed in a margin of taste the viewer’s point. That’s a tribute to the writing and the acting.

in Some way if they had focused into the film a nerve-shattering plot instead of cremating the old hills then this outing might have been reached with full positive energy, but there’s still a chance to get indulged. Clues and telling slips of the tongue are there for the alert, but the revelations that simple, Prabhu’s character would be the perfect example. we already knew what he’s role going to toys with us. The plot is clever yet breathtakingly simple, the screenplay and lines are wonderful and the director atlee succeeds in making a movie that makes you feel different emotions with several characters. the action is relentless but logical – there is a action sequence that take places in beginning of the second half, it’s full of rapid energy sustained by G.V.Prakash Kumar’s background score. it’s a stand-out action sequence that pushes you to the edge of your seat, or a moment of pure emotion to make the story truly resonate. it works sufficiently in setting up a situation where the rest of the greatness can happen – stylized and awesome fight sequences where atlee proves his clever potential. There’s a lot of swearing in humor parts, which is pretty standard in comedies these days, but it could put some people off. But the funny lines throughout the movie make up for that as Rajendran excels in the department

as the performances speaks, since the characters are more significant, the cast is a essential element, and felicitous ensemble cast chosen for this feature are pure amalgamate of skilled. The foundation of the film’s success is in the spot-on casting. Vijay as Joseph Kuruvilla/Vijay Kumar/Dharmeshwar. he does a stellar job of keeping viewers engaged by his enthralling performances. his character’s challenges from screen to mind in a splendid manner – providing a performance that’s wonderfully acted and emotionally gratifying and will meet modern audiences with a fresh view on his dialogues and charismatic screen presence, This movie turned out to be a great one about the time span of a relationship and a good romance is a joy to experience – .Samantha as mithra, she played surprisingly well to blend in a great lover and a wife. it is pleasing to see her as a developed character and not just a pretty face, here we have our stand out performer baby nainika, she gets some terrific moments, in particular thanks to a plot development all the way through. she’s been a wonderful find to watch out for. prominent director Mahendran playing the antagonist – the film may follows usual guidelines, but it does provide an enjoyable protagonist versus antagonist dynamic. Amy Jackson doesn’t gets much involved but she portrayed convincingly. courtesy of some fine performances by a mostly well-rounded supporting cast makes it a worthwhile.

this movie is technically brilliant, peaking of visuals, the cinematography and breathtaking landscape are this film’s true selling point, George C. William’s camera manages to glide effortlessly through the various action scenes, he extracts the best from atlee and his cast, lays it all on the screen. The film is visually moody and evocative, easily transporting you into a new experience. richer film than expected with his use of shadows, eye pleasing lights has to be appericiated. G.V. Prakash Kumar’s numbers and electrifying score is worth mentioning. not to forget Editor Ruben’s fine work, he keeps it crisp and sharp as the story unfold further.

Ultimately, In all honesty, theri doesn’t bring anything new to the table, it’s a mixture of previously done ideas but Still, it was quite entertaining and the story moves at a very fast pace. there’s only ounce of tedious moments to be found. You are rooting for the characters in the end, as even though it may be somewhat predictable, the way it all unfolds is worth the watch. atlee conveys such observations to the best of his ability with a pragmatic message. as his previous venture ,Emotions run high and obviously play a substantial role in this production too. A charismatic cast and some heart-warming intentions makes this a vigorous commercial winner.

Rating 3.5/5