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The Revenant REVIEW

Posted by: sabz on: Feb 07,2016 in: Hollywood, Reviews


  • Genre- Adventure, Drama,Thriller
  • Release date- 8 January 2016
  • Director- Alejandro G. Iñárritu
  • Starring- Leonardo Dicaprio, Tom hardy, Will poulter

    After winning 4 academy awards for the movie “birdman“, this is the next venture for the master director Alejandro G.Iñárritu  starring Leonardo dicaprio. Dicaprio comes off after giving yet another mind blowing performance in “wolf of wall street”. so obviously this was one of the most anticipated films of the year. The basic plot of the movie is about a man trying to survive against nature in order to seek revenge.


  • The core of the film are the shots in it and its mind blowing.its well conceived and directed.the shots are so brilliant that you feel like you are actually with dicaprio surviving all the odds of nature.some of the shots in this movie is so unbelievable that it makes you think about how they made it?
  • the performance from dicaprio is top notch. Eventhough he doesn’t have much dialogue to say,his character had to go through voice modulations,depression,injuries etc.he has portrayed all those emotional journey of the character well.the supporting actors also did well for the characters they were provided
  • the cinematography of this movie deserves an Oscar nomination as its one of the integral part of this survival story.we actually see and feel the cold water and atmosphere that the main character is trying to survive.
  • the costumes and makeup is another element which makes this film work.the blood,the injuries,the environment is brilliant and realistic.


  • Even though its a survival film,the basic premise is just a standard revenge tale
  • The dream sequence of Leonardo dicaprio makes little to no sense
  • Due to underdeveloped characters,the emotional impact for some of layers of the story was less

    Verdict- so the Revenant is a good survival film which is masterfully shot and well acted with a simple premise.watch this movie if you like a realistic survival films.