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The Jungle Book Review

Posted by: sabz on: Apr 08,2016 in: Hollywood, Reviews

  • Genre – Adventure,Action
  • Date of release(India) – 8th April 2016
  • Director – Jon favreau
  • Written by – Justin marks
  • Starring – Neel sethi,Bill Murray,Ben kingley.

So finally “Jungle book” has been adapted onto the big screen as a live action film.Growing up,’jungle book’ was part of my childhood and the movie is directed by Jon favreau who directed the first iron man movie which launched the marvel cinematic universe.so I was looking forward to this film.without any spoilers,I would say that the basic plot of the film is about the life of a boy named ‘mougli’ who is living in the forrest and his journey to find whether he belongs to the forrest or to mankind.


  • The best parts of the movie are it’s visuals.it’s visually stunning.it captures all the beauty of the forrest and the animal diversity in it.The animal designs, movements,climates,water,trees etc looks marvelous.it kept me intrigued throughout the whole film.it’s a very colourful film which shows lots of land scapes and lots of animals.the amount of detailing for each frame of the film is amazing.
  • Villain character ‘shere khan’ was probably the best character of the film for me.he was intimidating and he steals every scene that he is in.Idris Elba was the voice actor and his voice acting clearly made ”shere khan’ more terrifying.my favourite scene was the introduction scene of ‘shere khan’.I won’t spoil it but I would say that single scene shows the intensity of his character.
  • IMAX 3d was just amazing.these days almost every Hollywood films are releasing in 3d but very few has promising visuals.jungle book clearly is one among them which delivers great 3d.what makes this films 3d great is the fact that they use it for all the great visuals as well as for surprising moments.so the movie use clever use of 3d and it pays off well.
  • Performance from all the voice actors were wonderful.but I think Neel sethi as mougli could have improved.he was not convincing enough in some of the important parts of the film but it didn’t distract me.
  • Storywise,I loved the relationship between mougli and his family.it was well done and it shows that love is beyond the boundaries of race.The scenes where mougli interacts with his family were the emotional core of the film for me.
  • Movie tries to explore what makes us,humans different from animals through mougli’s character.for the most part it was done well and deserves an applause for such an attempt.
  • Actions sequences are another good part of the movie.every single action sequence were a jem to watch.my personal favourite was the one before the 1 half of the film because it had great 3d,great visuals and it was a pivotal moment of the plot.


  • The story is too simple and predictable.even before the first half ends,we already know what’s going to happen.I did not feel any sort of tension for most part of the film except few scenes.
  • There are few characters in the film who I felt was underdeveloped. I think there should have been more screen time for Ben Kingsley’s character.
  • Storywise,monkey sequence in the second half was so poor.it was as if it was added just to show some good action sequences.the only point of that whole sequence was for mougli to hear a particular thing and move the plot to the final act.so I felt it was forced and poorly developed.
  • Another problem with that monkey sequence was that they added a song.at that particular moment,I was wondering whether the movie was purely made for the kids or not?the song was so horribly placed and felt unnecessary.
  • The final act of the film was rushed and was poorly developed.it was like the studio wanted to end the final act within 15 minutes or so.but still the visual aspects of the film kept me in it.

Verdict- So jungle book is a visually stunning film with a simple story that is clearly made to entertain people.I strictly recommend to watch this film in IMAX 3d with your kids.

Score- 7.7/10.

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