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Thangamagan Review (2015)

Posted by: haroon on: Dec 19,2015 in: Kollywood, Reviews

Production: Dhanush – Wunderbar Films , Gopuram Films Cast: Amy Jackson, Dhanush, KS Ravikumar, Raadhika Sarathkumar, Samantha Ruth Prabhu, Sathish Direction: Velraj Screenplay: Velraj Story: Velraj Music: Anirudh Background score: Anirudh
Cinematography: Kumaran

Thangamagan tells the story as well as it possibly can, but the slow pattern in second half fails to keep the viewers engrossed.

following Monster-Hit Velayilla Pattathari AKA VIP , victorious bird-eye view director Velraj and the prosperous team back again with another venture ” Thangamagan ” which features masterly-cast Dhanush, Amy Jackson, Samantha Ruth Prabhu In Leads, while Aniruth Ravichandran taking care of the movie’s music and score.

the movie kick off with a poignant sequence which indicates story of a newly-wed dhanush who just lost his father and living through heart-rending time with his wife samantha and beloved-mom Radhika Sarath Kumar. as the leisurely movie progressed director velraj taking the viewers heed to dhanush’s juvenile days where he falls in love with brit-beauty amy jackson. tamizh (Dhanush) is a unemployed joyful young-lad from bourgeois family and spending time with his two close friends Sathish & Adith. despite a lengthy build-up, the constant plot penetrating into thamizh’s first love strive.

the movie’s first half is surprisingly entertaining as the comedy is solid, it doesn’t rely on lowbrow humour,  while the usual-linear style has been done before it is passable and works well within the story. the charm comes from Dhanush and Sathish’s timing comical evident. There were heap times when the theater full of people burst into laughter and the film’s first love interests, each delivers gratifying performances on their own calibre and succeed to drawn everyone’s attention in which incorporates amusing song visuals cuts and quietly movie’s first half comes to its conclude with the sudden mysterious death of thamizh’s father as the remaining half is an event to be clear the conglomeration of bewildering points.

blissful first love story of thamizh’s life is a joy to observe that basically presents audiences with one comical and pursuing-the-crush sequence after another, but the exact reason behind of disassembling the affair is imprecise and non-specific. as the time goes by, dhanush agreed to weds to samantha because of  the parents-hankering. they both have a fantastic chemistry that serves to highlight the strong and emotional dialogue of the film, sharing a sweet moments together and spending a romantic time – director placed the moments with the gleeful ” enna solla ” track. however the flick’s leading chemistries revive the focus when its about to collapse.  plot hangs together despite its many tiresome of realm but quite how it remains pretty intact compelling is a surprising issue.

the second half is the worry, didn’t even managed to reenact  its charming predecessor half and the villain is not pretty obvious as a baddie, his unnecessary lines lacks the film’s interesting feat. even the story slowly continues with dramatic course there is a clear stand outs scenes scored by samantha and Radhika Sarath Kumar. The rest of this issue is comparatively hushed, but not to the point of being tedious – but could have been more beneficial if the plot had possibilities to find some quick paths go through rather than staying immovable.

talking about performances, Dhanush does his best to energize the film, yet even appeared to be bored. light-up the screen and leading the charge in giving movie-goers a different experience compared to his previous films. this movie pop-up very less of powerhouse action sequences and challenging dialogues still he plays it convincingly. Amy Jackson Delivers a fine performance not only for the songs alongside with hero, as a young chick and married woman – she makes it so believable to witness. here we have our surprise factor Samantha Ruth Prabhu shines to the extent that this is one of the best portrayals of her career. she get the job done as a encouraging house wife which is a endearing-show to watch and achieves a wonderful balance in chemistry with dhanush and playing in sorrowful scenes that everyone couldn’t attain in these days. K.S. Ravikumar And Radhika Sarath Kumar is packed with practical elements, They are not merely acting, yet are transformed into the characters and denoting as they really involved.

Cinematographer Kumaran’s perfectly picturized exceptionally in romantic scenes he Keeps it slick, capturing the story and noteworthy visual shots in first half – also the rain fight sequence is substantial. Aniruth Ravichandran’s Score is sweet-toned in songs that consolidates film’s fine run but when the appealing scenes started to appear his back ground music is not demanding-enough, it could have been better as his previous works.

Director Velraj had a strong and memorable lines in Velayilla Pattathari which could enjoyed by anyone but the absence of good lines and elegance fast-paced screen play is highly felt in thangamagan and didn’t evoke the motivation when the hero overcoming his hurdles, the film is moving at slow pace, following events of an poignant life, dramatic overtones has previously been explored plenty in past films.

Ultimately, Thangamagan is likely to be precisely what you thought it would be – assuming you judge whether you plan to see movies from teaser/trailers and TV advertisements, courtesy of some brilliant performances by a predominantly well-rounded cast makes it a bearable family movie night. Emotions run high and obviously subjective drama which doesn’t reach the same heights as team’s previous flick.

Rating 2.75/5