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Sam Raimi to direct a world war 3 thriller film

Posted by: sabz on: Feb 28,2016 in: Hollywood, News

Sam Raimi is a well known film maker,famous for his Evil Dead and Spiderman movies.Now the film maker has signed a deal with Warner Bros to direct a World war 3 film which is set in the future.The movie does not have an official screeplay or writer.The movie will be based on ‘The Next 100 years : A forecast of 21st century’,a 2009 book by political philosopher and geopolitical forecaster George Friedman.The title ‘Work war III’,refers to 3 year war between US,Japan and Turkey that is happening in 2050.In the story,US allies with China,Britain and India in order to oppose the combined force of Japan,Turkey,France and Germany.The movie will be based on Realistic politics.So it will be interesting to know how the global audience reacts to such a venture.