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REVIEW: ” The Walk ” (2015)

Posted by: haroon on: Oct 07,2015 in: Hollywood, Reviews

Production: Lstar Capital, Image Movers
Cast:Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Ben Kingsley, Charlotte Le Bon, James Badge Dale
Direction:Robert Zemeckis
Screenplay: Robert Zemeckis
Music: Alan Silvestri
Cinematography: Dariusz Wolski
Editing: Jeremiah O’Driscoll

                          The Walk – Enthralling Cinematic Experience To Be Witnessed

On August 7.1974, a young man caught the awareness of people of New York by walking in a wire between the twin towers of the World Trade Center. People in the street gasped at the sight 1,350 feet up that cemented his legacy by performing depth-defying walks in and between some of the world’s most impressive construction. as we seen the previous Documentary ” Man on Wire ” movie which was directed by james marsh, and now The Walk, directed by Academy Award winner Robert Zemeckis (Forest Gump), .The movie is spellbinding and he achieves in this film’s final act provided slick wich will kick you out to edge of the seat and equal as he not only intact recreates the twin towers, but also captured the viewers in contemplating out on that wire.

in The Walk, director Robert Zemeckis finally brings those memorable moments to life, a high wire walker who become ingenious with such feats at a young age.. The movie is a wonder of mux and heedfully handled 3D digital imagery with stellar stunts, and as long as Petit is up on that wire, we are mesmerized. in the real incident The twin towers being so tall to imagine, it were created to flex in the wind. To recompense for this potentially lethal quality, Petit added concurrent to his practice. He positioned a 200-foot wire (the estimated distance between the two towers) on supports in a French field. the sustain of story comes from the visuals and quite absorbing acting performances from solid cast

Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays Petit as a young lad who sets his eyes to walk between the twin towers. His career choice unequivocally estranges his parents, which ambitious him into the world without a net, after a while he meets a triumphant Circus leader, Papa Rudy (Ben Kingsley), who taught him the fine-point characteristics for his ambition. After launching his tightrope walking performances on public, that’s where he also meets his love interest Annie (Charlotte Le Bon) He enlist her to join him with performing his masterpiece stunt, and before long has drawn in other “accomplices,” among them a school teacher who’s afraid of heights (César Domboy) – then  Philippe finally determines the time has arrived to “hang his wire” between the towers of the Notre Dame Cathedral.  The first walk earns him booming laud around the world, and following the successful walk his thirst has grown for a imposing challenge.  and when he get to know walk between the Twin Towers is kinds of illegal, the drama is becoming more fascinating

Joseph Gordon-Levitt delivers a praise-worthy performance. he lived into the role with stalwart dedication, he’s inventive and comical, reminding the real Petit (who’s featured in the flesh in the Oscar-winning 2008 documentary Man on Wire), which detailed the same narrative in shorter length) he is leading the charge in giving movie-goers a different experience. the plot given that he had a lot of material to work with, as we imagine it was quite hard to put everything together for the scenery – yet he did it. Charlotte Le Bon has a vivacity screen presence – without uttering one word, she was able to convey a vast array of comfortable dialogues. commanding in every scene she appears, and there couldn’t be a better choice. The rest of the cast is pitch perfect as well.

The special effects are once again spectacular, when it comes to last 30 minutes of the movie – courtesy of some stunning vfx shots movie was more engaging and made you feel like you really want to know whats going to happen next,  The sets and twin towers were awesome and the cinematography was spot on, conveying a stellar visuals no scene seemed extra or out of place

Ultimately, The Walk enthralling cinematic experience and bit emotional ride which is worth a check out, and an example of cinema driven by performance – It’s all credits to the great delivery by the actors and the relish moody visuals. The unpredictable screenplay has many appealing moments, despite a lengthy build-up for the material specially the movie managed to disclose unusual type of drama and hook the attention of the viewers until the very last scene and as long as Petit is up on that wire – we are spellbound and Director Robert Zemeckis built this one to reward repeat viewings. The Walk is a fantastic array of what can be achieved when you bring together breath taking story and superior talent

Rating 4/5