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Puli Movie Review (2015)

Posted by: haroon on: Oct 02,2015 in: Kollywood, Reviews

Production: SKT Studios
Cast: Hansika Motwani, Kiccha Sudeep, Nandita, Prabhu, Shruti Haasan, Sridevi, Vijay
Direction: Chimbu Deven
Screenplay: Chimbu Deven
Music: Devi Sri Prasad
Cinematography: Natarajan Subramaniam
Editing: Sreekar Prasad

           Puli – A Heroic Visually Resplendent Fantasy Ride With A Substantial Story !

Fantasy Movies which are infrequently building up in Kollywood, becomes a super-hot absorbing wave to be witnessed. Director Chimbudevan From being a cartoonist in Prominent Tamil magazine Ananda Vikatan to directing a film with Vijay and huge bunch of cast today. sustain of strong cast he eyes to set a type of venture that something fresh which makes everyone surely enough to warrant a view by the trailers and promos.

the basic plot is an ordinary idea. Vijay plays as a Marudheeran, a Brave lad and a hope of the land who fells in love with Pallamavalli ( Shruthi Hassan ) after a while his love interest has been kidnapped by Vedhalams ( Rulers Of Land ) and his adopted father was killed by the nemesis when he is not around then the hero aims to get justice for his land and bring back his love by secretly entering to Vedhalam’s Kingdom. story builds up with well placed songs and some eye tearing comic with supernatural elements like a talking bird, Lilliputs and a giant tortoise who has ability to speak and prophesying the options to succeed

by using a formula like vedhalams featured with Vivid blue eyes and raising fangs when they pissed off and has highly skilled supernatural elements has pulled off a captivate grip but the execution is not convincing, if they had focus about the agile story telling with fast pace screenplay instead of character developments and unpleasant comedies 1st half should have been worked out for the material, Usually containing a romantic element as well as the supernatural and magic, except last 20 minutes the movie barely moving which does make you beg for speed at some points. 2nd half is a straight-up heroic-fantasy ride of endless entertainment. It has eye-pleasing visuals and booming supernatural action sequences  that basically presents audiences with intact fun with appealing dialogues and thrills.

Vijay is not likely to be exactly what you thought he would be, compared to his previous films Puli is a breath of fresh air from Vijay and does a stellar job of keeping viewers engaged throughout the movie by as a Marudheeran and Puli Vendhan, tried his best to energize the movie yet even it appear to be bored and shines to the extent that this is one of the finest portrayals of his career, Shruthi Hassan has a glamorous screen presence well fit for the role and carrying the 1st half as Vijay’s love interest . Hansika Motwani as usual looks good with the costumes and just moving out with the duration barely sharing a screen presence and the role is making a feel that it could have been better. Sridevi after many years in K’town is back as a Queen of the kingdom. unequivocally she has a haunting screen presence which is making the movie more comfortable and appearing as a enchantress is doozy. Sudeep work with a splendid evilsm and providing performances that are impassioned. not to forget comic cast Thambi Ramaiah and Sathyan delivered a well-scream supporting performance and the adorable lilliputs Robo shankar, Iman annachi , Vidyulekah commands in every scene they appears.

Although the narrative is sound and somewhat sustainable, the acting and visually experience is less than exhilarating.  heroic fantasies features with elements of romance and elements of imaginable lands and the supernatural stuffs. Unlike works of wars, animated characters, though dramatic, focus mainly on personal issues or lands and societies are portrayed mainly to the extent the heroes have an impact on them Puli is not an sword or sorcery tale either, sits somewhere between in the thin line but has it moments like a rescue mission, saving a princess from the spell. this movie has a plenty of magic and supernatural presence which is a clear-cut opportunity to overcome with a breathtaking plot but honestly director has missed it but courtesy of huge cast it has been overlooked somewhat and Many scenes and snaps from the movie are as visually layered and well thought out picturized

Devi Sri Prasad’s Music, nothing much to say the movie’s background music is could have been better although it’s a fantasy / adventure movie it demands the sustain of good tuned music. ” Yeandi Yeandi ” and Jingiliya songs are only convincing. Art Director Muthuraj’s sets are beautiful and the lilliput aspect was designed ingeniously and The neat cuts and flashy cinematography is a clear trademark. lauded for that

Ultimately, This film truly is a remarkably entertaining feat for kids and families. There were a few obvious areas where it could have been better but as a whole it’s still fine and overshadowed by well rounded acting performances. do not expect for a busy mind-engaging plot because it’s hard to ignore the fact that it could have been so much more beneficial if the plot sets up for a fetching fantasy flick which would be captured in everyone’s view. but it has a solid cast and director has taken imaginary feats full of absorbing CG creatures, should take a chance on viewing Puli will offer you a decent fantasy feel

Rating 3/5