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Pokkiri Raja Review (2016)

Posted by: haroon on: Mar 05,2016 in: Kollywood, Reviews

Production: PT Selvakumar
Cast: Hansika, Jiiva, Sibiraj
Direction: Ramprakash Rayappa
Screenplay: Ramprakash Rayappa
Story: Ramprakash Rayappa
Music: D Imman
Background score: D Imman
Cinematography: Anji
Dialogues: Gnana Giri
Editing: V.J Sabu Joseph

Pursuing a surprise sci-fi movie ( Tamizhuku en ondrai azuthavum) that drowned everyone’s attention in, director Ramprakash Rayappa has narrated a fun-fantasy flick which features Jiiva, Sibiraj, Hansika in lead roles. while D.imman taking care of the musical support and this movie produced by PTS Films International.

the basic plot theme is a richly experimental idea, Jiiva plays (Sanjeevi) happy -go-lucky IT technician who continually losing his job in heaps companies for yawning, yes, he frequently yawns every half and hour which is a unstoppable cause that making him to quit his job everytime. hansika starring as ( Sunitha ) social-willing- IT Staff, predominantly focusing on teaming up with crew and standing against public urination. Sibiraj playing the baddie ( Cooling Glass Guna ) amusing badass in town and sustained with prominence contacts inside his pocket. at a crucial point he caught uring in the public and got attacked by the protagonist that leading up to a revenge-remainder drama for humiliating him in public.

the movie’s first half incorporates oodles of tedious moments, director ram prakash rayappa is well aware of how far he can push things and still expect to be able to play it as comedy, and the wind fantasy element is a great find but screenplay hardly struggling to perk up at essential points, There are several tear-jerking moments in the movie, as well as many laugh-out-loud, witty jokes that driven by yugi sethu and manobala -Despite some dialogue that spouts off statistics and seems a bit preachy, logic and unusual fantasy elements usually take a back seat to the content-relief. Unfortunately, pokkiri Raja has close to none of these things.

talking about the performances, Jiiva has a very light-hearted role in the film, he adds some very amusing asides that give the film a few jolts whenever he shows up again, even though The subplots and supporting characters populate the movie to bewildering and unnecessary proportion. hansika’s portrayal is another mediocre in her list which features monotonous love portions -usally playing with bad lip-sync is worth mentioning. here we have our stand out performer Sibiraj, who carries the burden of the picture on his solid shoulders with a role he can practically reminds himself as his dad. works with a nice little comic relief in his baddie role -His performance here restrained and quite frankly very well done. It is perhaps one of his best acting performances and not to forget his costumes and get up which is obviously catchy.

D.Imman’s Score is rightly solid on it’s leads for it as little else to offer an audience other than that. The plot is overly trying to be funny that is inconsistent at points and, while not bad, certainly doesn’t hold any great surprises for anyone who have witnessed different fantasy features.The striking presentation of the lighting in the film is fantastic, with a lovely golden glow pouring of the screen and Bubbly Bubbly song and Rain Rain Song has convincingly choreographed. director’s previous flick keep alive its interest even in a substantial story and great making,  pokkiri raja deserve lauds for the fresh attempt but it works only ounce scenes with viewers.

while second half  will entertain its invested viewers for the duration, but very little is accomplished in the entire movie. VFX  be used to visualize technical concepts that would be difficult to illustrate in any other way, specially in the flashback sequence -the team has provided a decent animation touch with a rapid story.  Placing what might seem at first disconnected stories in Jiiva’s and sibiraj portions but second half managed to get back its pace blissfully. There’s a lot of swearing, which is pretty standard in comedies these days, but it could put some people off. But the funny lines throughout the movie make up for that.

ultimately , Pokkiri Raja is a laugh-out-loud script with amusing fantasy ingredients, and a way to get the audience attached to its likable characters but wind fantasy lacks enough build- up or screen time to make it a brilliant aspect of the film and it really should have been fine strive if they had focus on the proper fantasy package and character developments and unfortunately, ruined by unnecessary sub plots which making the pace overdose and tedious, Still, it was quite entertaining in parts but thoroughly its inconsistent.

Rating 2.25/5