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Pianist (Classic Cinema Review)

Posted by: sabz on: Feb 19,2016 in: Articles

We are beginning a new review segment in our website called as ‘classic cinema reviews’ where we review movies that are you should never miss in your life.this segment is entirely dedicated to people who love cinema and people who continue to support us.

  • Genre- Biography,Drama
  • Year of release- 2002
  • Director- Roman polaski
  • Starring- Adrien brody,Emilia fox,Michael zebrowski

    Pianist is widely considered as one of the best ever films.it earned the director Roman polaski his only Oscar win for best director till date.’Pianist’ also won another 2 Oscars for best actor and best writer in 2003.The movie is based on the autobiography of  Wladyslaw szpilman who was polish Jew whose life was adversely affected by the holocaust.


  • The movie is a perfect character study of a man trying to survive the holocaust.it perfectly depicts the change in life of a human being from his daily routines to unimaginable circumstances that he has to face under Holocaust.
  • The passion of the protagonist being a pianist adds an extra dimension to his character.unlike many other survival tales,the movie not only focuses on the survival aspects of the character but also on his passion- that is his love of playing piano.
  • It’s a multi layered movie that focuses on many themes such as life,survival,discrimination, struggle,war,luck,family etc.there are very few movies that are able to pull off this much themes successfully and this film is one of them.
  • Performance of Adrien Brody was outstanding.The film wouldn’t have worked if it wasn’t for him.The whole movie fully focuses on his characters progression through life and what his character sees around him during the holocaust.
  • The way the film depicts discrimination is masterful and is one of the best ever in cinema.usually,movies try to establish characters and then tries to put them under specific situations where the audience feels sympathy for the character.but this movie however,shows the brutality of holocaust on random people that the main character sees in his life.some of the scenes are extremely emotional as it portrays the importance of a human life in the best way possible.
  • Another praise worthy aspect of the film is that the it shows you the perfect depiction of a survivalist.Many ordinary people who survived war in the past are usually called as fighters but this film shows that they are actually a survivalist.The main character does not try to free all the Jews or fight the nazi instead he is just a pianist who is trying to survive the holocaust.this adds more realism to the story.
  • Cinematography was also good.few shots are worth mentioning such as the waste land shot in the final act and the first shot of the movie where the pianist is forced to stop his play.


  • There is no specific con for the film as its one of the best pictures ever made.however if I have to nitpick, I would say that the beginning and the second act was not intriguing.I found it a little slow during those portions.

    Verdict- So,’Pianist’ is a wonderfully presented masterpiece that portrays the importance of a human life and  discrimination in a realistic and emotional way possible.this is a movie that you must never miss.

    Score- 9/10