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Naanum Rowdy Dhaan Review (2015)

Posted by: haroon on: Oct 22,2015 in: Kollywood, Reviews

Production: Wunderbar Films
Cast: Nayanthara, Radhika Sarathkumar, RJ Balaji, Vijay Sethupathi
Direction: Vignesh Shivan
Screenplay: Vignesh Shivan
Story: Vignesh Shivan
Music: Anirudh Ravichander
Cinematography: George C.Williams

Naanum Rowdy Dhaan is a fun-filled entertainer that has a nice change of pace from the sea of humdrum plots this genre has recently taken

the plot is a simple idea, Vijay Sethupathy as Pondi ” Pandi ” while Nayanthara plays as Kaadhambari, the story gears up with a method about police versus rowdy which was explained by Rajendran to Vijay Sethupathy when he was an infant, then story follows a usual guideline until the hero falls in love with his audible lady love.

It’s a witness to the strengths of these actors that they elevate their characters simply-capturing and believable. Nayanthara has channels her trademark sunshine and Her onscreen chemistry is at its peak anytime she’s involved with, Nayanthara is a great find to the role. She plays every aspect of indistinct and poignant character as she confronted her boy friend to kill the detest nightmare of her life. Vijay Sethupathy gives us exactly what we want in this type of movie and energizing the film and giving the film a lively pace – this one stands to be counted as one of his pleasant lead role till the date,  The acting is competent with both Vijay Sethupathy and Nayanthara being fine at their craft. RJ Balaji commands every scene in which he appears. provide the majority of the laughs and It’s a comical which also incorporates noteworthy performance. Parthiban is another sustain for the flick His performance is Powerful, comical, enthralling, and even so cool when it needs to be – Kudos director vignesh sivan who has been felicitous with his lead and supporting roles and rest of the cast is quite enjoyable too.

Director Vignesh Sivan’s light hearted warm humor written through-out this film and Emotions run high and obviously play a substantial role in this production. finally dropping him into a fair enough atmosphere for which he is well-suited The plot itself involves sentiment, humour, and romantic elements, such as a juvenile Vijay sethupathy’s character wannabe scoundrel but yet entertaining with significant humor and timing substantial stunts and those elements somehow works these in to make a pretty refreshing story, it’s an cool-headed picture that finds its fascinate immediately and achieves a wonderful level of sustenance throughout its running time. but compared to 1st half – 2nd half is bit pointless only in several sequences, however Despite those scenes the movie does deliver on all the hilarious tone of laughs and tenderness that as the previews promise

Speaking of visuals, George Williams’s bird eye views and use of cinematography techniques from past and present give his films a certain timeless quality.  and delightful song sequences are this film’s true selling point. all the songs are appropriately placed-up with compelling the heartened tunes by aniruth, such as ” Naanum Rowdy Dhaan Title Track ” and ” Thangamey ” songs visuals perk-up the attention of viewers and offering a amusing pace. background music score is commendable as well – aniruth has sums up with his peppy music which is another reason to keep the viewers engaged