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Miruthan Review

Posted by: haroon on: Feb 21,2016 in: Kollywood, Reviews

Production: Global Infotainment Pvt Ltd
Cast: Jayam Ravi, Lakshmi Menon
Direction: Sakthi Soundar Rajan
Screenplay: Sakthi Soundar Rajan
Story: Sakthi Soundar Rajan
Music: D Imman
Background score: D Imman
Cinematography: Venkatesh S
Editing: KJ Venkataramanan

Miruthan, isn’t a exceptionally cool  zombie film but being a new strive to kollywood its definitely has its moments — international audience may seems familiar with myth creatures/supernatural events but director sakthi soundar rajan carried the burden which is commendable and introduced a fresh genre that has the potential to produce more this kind of features — Miruthan perk up with the stunning action sequences and will leave you on edge enough that you’ll be searching for a nightlight before going to sleep.

zombie genre is all in a certain extent , mostly dealing with the same material – specially,There are generally two methods on the genesis of zombies – a cursed person dies and becomes as a zombie, and  a person contracts a virus or is exposed to radiation. as we experienced in loadsa hollywood features inserting or feeding salt to a zombie will reinstate the person to freedom. That doesn’t mean the zombie will become a normal person again but, rather, that the body will return to the grave. director sakthi soundar rajan has inserted some fine elements to0 that designate zombies are allergic to water.

as the formula implies, story leisurely begins with taking us to a chemical factory which mistakenly get leaked while exalting them into a vehicle, as they snubbed the issue it started to swoop-flash escalate virus throughout the city. Jayam Ravi plays as karthik, a traffic police officer who loves his only sibiling Anikha while laxmi menon plays as renu who has already fall in love with someone. During this seemingly normal ride through an abandoned city, director places it with a kaali venkat’s comedy and ounce of political scenes – everything gets intense when zombie virus plays with your nerves, frightening with tight close ups on the affected peoples and well-executed make up that incorporate wide shots denotes the unusual experience of the residents,some of the shots may offer the inappropirate-feel but Still, director able to work in some seat-jumping thrills by keeping the camera tight on the uninfected until the last possible moment

While movement is the logically dealing key to survival in predominant zombie flicks, director attached it here with gore elements and it leads to a very different experience. The plot introduces viewers to several main characters that actually make you want to learn more about them, sustained with brilliant score by D.Imman you will jaunt through both intense and emotional scenes that seem appropriate for the film, it offers the intention allot of realism and just works out great. The story is paper thin with nearly ultra real complications for the audience until the climax portion. It is basically unleash zombie-virus on the city and Jayam Ravi taking up on em for his sister and other. The small sub-plots really vary from little to no relevance in the story whatsoever. but the insane gun shots and ugly bites suffice to grab you in.

It is pretty predictable and well known method in zombie movies there is some kind of out family or, friend was bitten and eventually, I’ll have to kill him just before he bites me or spread to anyone in the city, and the breathtaking action/set pieces are smoothly set up.  The movie never allows the viewers to hold their breath; apparently, in the first half reenacted with oodles of mixture such as comedy, love, and thriller- we may have never heard of the countless used-bullets for shooting action sequences in kollywood. For anything (at all) to be good, entertaining, thrilling, whatever. there needs to be what is commonly referred to as ‘buffers’. zombies attacking scenes are slick-made which is really frightening and as everyone knows These characters need not necessarily be likeable, or even know each other very well, but they need to combine with the tightly packed environment to create a certain chemistry.

Horror films prominented zombies in 1968 when George A. Romero directed the Night of the Living Dead. pursuing the feature many movies has unleashed with heaps different of plots, for the first time in tamil industry director sakthi soundar rajan has obviously justified the genre with its enthralling making, and some tight editing by venkataraman, great camerawork by venkatesh, a haunting theme by d.imman and devilishly over-the-top acting help make this a frighteningly fascinating movie to watch which indicates that the movie is technically super-comfortable too.everything that comes after this is in one word overwhelming. Every character is well casted, takes complete hold of your attention and gets the time for a proper and detailed introduction. After witnessing it, Jayam ravi has delivered utmost performances with his eminent screen presence. he’s on screen and makes each scene with him that much more powerful, not to much mention about laxmi menon – she plays the role convincingly, if not elevating it. this movie definitely has its flaws as well – creating a labled average second half and usual climax portion which diminishing the attention that we had throughout the first half and conclusion denotes there will be a sequel.

ultimately, The vision they have somehow doesn’t completely translate to the screen, but director’s bold attempt should be welcome and appreciated. some of the shots change several scenes to be more violent. while flashy on film, may disturb soft-hearted moviegoers. However, some flaws aside, director sakthi soundar rajan has captured the essence of the theorie and packaged it in a neat 1h 48m delight and with fine performance from cast. Overall, miruthan is a satisfying film experience for someone familiar with the source material.

Rating 3/5