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King Liar Review

Posted by: sabz on: Apr 02,2016 in: Mollywood, Reviews

  • Genre- Comedy,Drama,Thriller
  • Date of release- 2nd April 2016
  • Written by- Siddique Lal
  • Directed by- Lal
  • Starring- Dileep,Madonna Sebastian,Lal

Vetaran film makers Lal and siddique are back together after a long time.Both of them have given great movies in the past such as ‘Mannar Mathai speaking’,’RamjiRao Speaking’ etc.so,obviously I expected a good movie from the makers.Without spoilers,the basic plot of the film is about the life of Satyanarayanan who is a specialist in lying.(atleast that’s what the film is trying to say).


  • Movie is a complete fun entertainer that does not want you to use your brain.in the past,there were other Dileep films like Nadodimannan that falls in the exact same genre and those films questioned my sanity.So,unlike those films,King liar did not hurt me that much.I was able to sit through the entire 2 hr 30 min of run time.
  • Visually,it’s a good movie.the costume design,song sequence and some of the cars shown are great to watch.I haven’t seen any Mollywood films recently that had this much good costumes as king liar.every single character has his/her their owns look.so special applause goes to the costume designer.
  • First half of the film was more fun and enjoyable compared to the second half.this is particularly due to the fact that 1st half was more simple,believable and the chemistry between dileep and  Balu varghese was somewhat enjoyable.
  • Performance from everyone was fine.None of the roles given to the cast was not something new that we have never seen them before.but they did well for what their respective roles demanded.Premam fame Madonna Sebastian did well for what was given to her.
  • Songs and it’s visuals were great to watch.none of the songs seemed unnecessary.


  • The movie is a ‘no-brainer’ and it offers nothing new.This movie falls in the exact same category as other dileep films such as srigaravelan,Mr marumakan,karyastan etc.Only good thing is that it didnt had any scenes that gave me nightmare like nadodimannan did.But we expect more from a siddique-lal script.
  • Movie tries so hard to make dileeps character so “clever”. None of them were believable and felt more as an excuse to move the plot forward.
  • Since this is a ” no- brainer”,reviewing it’s story is not at all needed.but since they added serious drama in it,I have to say that the story itself is weak and it has giant plot holes.

Verdict- Overall,King liar is a typical dileep entertainer that offers nothing new.I recommend this film for those filmgoers who enjoys films like srigaravelan,karyastan etc.for others like me,should avoid this movie at all cost.

Score- 6.5/10

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