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Kathakali Review (2016)

Posted by: haroon on: Jan 15,2016 in: Kollywood, Reviews

Production: Pasanga Productions, Vishal Film Factory
Cast: Vishal,Catherine Tresa,Karunas
Direction: Pandiraj
Screenplay: Pandiraj
Story: Pandiraj
Music: Hip Hop Tamizha Adhi
Background score: Hip Hop Tamizha Adhi
Cinematography: Balasubramaniem
Dialogues: Pandiraj
Editing: Pradeep Rajan

director pandiraj well known for his noteworthy flicks Pasanga, Marina, KBKR -after inventing a cult Pasanga 2, Director Pandiraj leisurely coming into a fresh genre and he has reported the movie’s fascinating plot based on a true story which happens to one of his friend. many of anecdotes and true incidents might offers a captivating-feel to exalt it on the big screen but the feature is rely on how director’s vision justified the inspired-story, this movie features vishal in the lead and music department taken care by hip hop thamizha adhi.

the plot is a intense idea, story kick-off with a re-entry of vishal who spent several years in america and realizing the fact that cuddalore rogue (Thamba) still in the charge of evil works around town. troublesome protagonist’s family faced a problem by thamba made everyone to be quiet and preceived using power against him won’t make any big threat and the realm of thamba is a big matter to hunt with, as the movie progress story lighten up about vishal’s marriage the sequence he reveals about flashback that how he met his lady love and perking up the amusing pace with comedy scenes between karunas and vishal. the screenplay does flawlessly traveling through past and present and unveil the relish of scene by scene, when the story done with a where vishal invites all of his friends to the marriage- story drowning oodles of attention by mystery death of thamba and initiate the intriguing guessing-puzzle that bewildering ” whodunnit ” query glide with a momentarily-paralyze feel.

when antagonist Thamba regnant in the charge, he has done terrible things with the assist of his scoundrel brother-in-laws which made him heap unpleasant businessman and prominent peoples. involving in such as coercions fishermens and arranging arm-twisting marriages. director’s vision followed by a small predicting sequence involving an escape, which leads us into the film’s intense point where vishal calls his buddy thavam to watch out for himself and warns he might be in danger- a conversation which misunderstood by his friend and evoking a feeling that vishal may have done this for full-fill his revenge. there are some terrific twists, including one that goes further than viewers ever expected this film to go, but never is there that one moment where every ostensibly implausible thing occurs that effectively derails the entire project in terms of tone and pacing. first half remains consistent in creating a feeling of haunted and mysterious question mark to answer with its remainder.

talking about the performances, predominantly vishal’s power-packed performance energizing the film and giving the film a lively pace. Kathakali stands to be counted as one of his finest portrayals ever done. He gives the movie its solemnity with a performance that will certainly find memorable with viewers. Catherine Tresa has a hauntingly beautiful screen presence -it is great to see her as a developed character and not just a charming face and sharing a sweet chemistry with vishal – beyond everything, a good romance is a joy to experience, thankfully director pandiraj places it in the right path. Karunas’s humour is such a delight to savour and works with a nice little comic relief in his brief role. rest of the cast has performed quite well too.

Speaking of visuals, Balasubramaniem’s cinematography and stunning night-shots are this film’s true selling point, The film is visually moody and evocative, easily elevating you into get involved with the movie. The quick cuts and flashy cinematography is a clear trademark of director Pandiraj. Editing is commandable which obviously visible in action and chasing sequences. sustained by Hip Hop Thamizha’s wonderful two numbers carrying a substantial part – high-voltage background score bring the consolidate pressure and energy to the film that does more than enough justice to the source material.

The script is fairly solid and offering a thrilling-puzzle with its pragmatic characters, especially Amuthan And Thamba, were well written and developed strongly as the film went on. it also brought a oodles of great supporting acting talent to the table. the film has its minor flaws in the first half more with the silly comedy that makes no sense but as a whole it can be overlooked and considered, the flim’s strength coming from rounded guessing-format and  The accurate secrets are never divulged to the audience yet it believes it has an adequate solution

Ultimately, Kathakali will keep you guessing the entire time until the very end. director panidraj’s vision has worked big-time than viewers thought it would be, Kathakali most certainly deliver intentional pacing, realistic characters, and utmost understanding of cinematic suspense that will keep you in edge of the seat. The film builds an effective sense of overwrought and incredulity, it betrays you with its each characters and you don’t know what to believe from all the turn of events. The story was unfold so frenzied with the suspense, With a score by Hip Hop Thamizha Adhi and thriving cinematography by Balasubramaniem, coalesced by Vishal’s stellar performance make this puzzle worth a view.

Rating 3.25/5