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Ith thanda police review

Posted by: sabz on: Mar 19,2016 in: Mollywood, News, Reviews

Young Mollywood star Asif Ali has come up with his first movie as a cop, Ithu Thanda Police, directed by Manoj Palodan. The movie had already faced some issues during shooting time itself and the shooting was stopped more than once. But, finally it has cleared all hurdles and has released in various centres in Kerala

The story is all about a female police station where Asif Ali comes as a driver. Asif has done justice to his role and this is one big movie that he should have avoided. Mollywood yester decades heroine, Abhirami has made a comeback in this film, but her efforts will go in vain due to very poor screenplay and direction of the movie. Janani Iyer acts as the heroine in this film as a character which has nothong to do in the film.

Supporting actors like Sudheer Karamana, Sunil Sukhoda and Kottayam Pradeep has tried their best to bring in some light humourous minutes in this 124 minute long film

On the whole, Ithu Thanda Police is a film which could be avoided in theaters. There is nothing much exciting or humourous in this movie which deserves audience for this film in theaters

Rating 1.5/5