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Irudhi Suttru Review #2

Posted by: haroon on: Feb 01,2016 in: Kollywood, Reviews

Production: Thirukumaran Entertainment, Y Not Studios

Cast: Madhavan, Mumtaz Sorcar, Nasser, Ritika Singh

Direction: Sudha Kongara

Screenplay:Sudha Kongara, Sunanda Raghunathan

Story: Sudha Kongara

Music: Santhosh Narayanan

boxing dramas mostly dealing with the similar subject material – only different characters with different interactions. director sudha kongara’s new endeavour which features R.Madhavan and Ritika Singh in leads is a endearing, energetic boxing flick that’s undeniably delightful to experience and with some style that you can turn your brain off to and be somewhat inspired. director sudha she unleashes a surprise package, well-paced bursts of poignant elements, Plus the ingenuity  had a broad age range so that everyone could enjoy it. Irudhi Suttru is a wonderful drama that has a nice change of pace from the realm of mundane narratives this genre has already taken.

unquestionably, the film pursues a similar theme like heap boxing and sports features and This is a obvious strive that has a lot in common with ‘Chak De India’ but with a different plot which incorporates memorable performances as well. finely choreographed boxing scenes are outstanding in this film, but it is the character interactions that make the milestone. makers of the movie did a great job bringing a unique aspect to a story which is seldom on-screen experience in recent days, director’s praise-worthy vision and recognizing talents that exist in needy-streets also comprise things out visually and how to use crisp visuals to your advantage as much as it is possible, combining them to smart, conveying functional ideas to society rather than stalking the latest trends. what seems at first an attempt to alleviate its impact but in the peak, interweave as it is with whole of the intricating issues, ultimately unveil as a utmost means of achieving the thoroughly deserved emotional yet engaging impact within a quality picture,

talking about the performances, you can surely relate to the characters in this film – predominantly R.Madhavan’s Role is incomparably well-designed. he gets some terrific and heart-warming moments, in particular thanks to a plot development half way through. being disappear above several years in kollywood -he eventually back with the accurate path that has a strong performances packed, Along with the stunning physical transition that comes to fulfilment in the films explosive training sequences, Madhavan perfectly portrays the trash talking confidence, seething anger, heartbreaking frailty, and complex identity issues that his character juggles with, and here we have our standout performer is unequivocaly new-comer Ritika Singh. her acting brilliance is absolutely the sole contributing factor that makes this film so thought-provoking and entertaining. director sudha’s screenplay at first gives Ritika a solid stage on which to stand also excels – It’s a blissfully layered performance that carries the film through its political spots and well-bred relationship between main characters. As for the rest of the cast, courtesy of some fine performances by a mostly well-rounded cast- it’s a mixed fine bag. Nassers’s character changes drastically to suit the story’s requiring points.

it is inspiring to realize that hardwork and self-confidence is the seed of all hope, and what makes the ride worthwhile. Irudhi Suttru Not merely does it have a vigorous point and an significant message to the viewer, but it delivers it in a stirring and sensitive, partly even ebullient kind of way, character development does not embrace a single monotonous at times, it all culminates in a gratifying, touching and triumphant finale. On top of being a beautifully performed and written movie, Irudhi Suttru is also quite the technical marvel. Marvellous cinematography by Sivakumar Vijayan, director sudha did overtly brought several songs to be numerous intact layers. These changes, while having a strong message on film, this may bother squeamish viewers. However, songs aside, She has captured the essence of the oodle of true stories and packaged it in a captivating 144 minute delight. still, it is a contented experience for everyone familiar with the source material. despite denoting quite a ring-side screen time. Santhosh Narayan’s musical feats and background score are another bone of success – often pushing the tone of the film into a appealing drama .

ultimately, Irudhi Suttru boasts a commendable cast and crew that does their maximal best to convey director’s vision from story to screen. creating a purely inspiring story from beginning to end card roll, Director Sudha adeptly combines passion with veracity and emotional storytelling which embrace a great find ritika singh and inventing a movie that not only lives up to a legacy, but becomes a memorable endeavor in contemporary sport features. the movie’s predominant leads delivers strong and emotionally indulging performance that will certainly find empathy with viewers, Irudhi Suttru is an talent-exalting endearing flick that doesn’t reinvent the material but brings ingenious attention which sounds certainly worth your time.

Rating 3.25/5