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The Nice Guys (2016) Review

By haroon, August 23,2016

Director Shane Black has certainly become a genre fancier himself.  Before focusing his career at directing – which is also a genre unto itself, he jotted down some of…

The Jungle Book Review

By sabz, April 08,2016

Genre – Adventure,Action Date of release(India) – 8th April 2016 Director – Jon favreau Written by – Justin marks Starring – Neel sethi,Bill Murray,Ben kingley. So finally “Jungle book” has…

Kung Fu Panda 3 Review

By sabz, April 01,2016

Genre- Animation,Adventure Date of release(India)- 1st April 2016 Directed by- Alessandro Carloni,Jennifer Yuh Nelson Written by- Jonathan Aibel,Glenn Berger Starring- Jack black,Bryan Cranston,Angelina Jolie Kung fu panda 3 is the…

Ben affleck has written his script for his solo ‘batman’ movie!

By sabz, March 31,2016

The best aspect about ‘Batman vs Superman: dawn of justice’ was the Ben affleck’s Batman.he presented a batman who was seasoned,brutal and even psychotic to…

Batman vs Superman : Dawn of Justice Review

By sabz, March 24,2016

Genre- Sci-fi,Action,superhero Date of release- 24 March 2016 Directed by- Zack Snyder Written by- David S Goyer,Chris terrio Starring- Ben affleck,Henry cavill,Jesse eissenberg ‘Batman vs superman : Dawn of Justice’…

‘Captain america : Civil war’ trailer 2 released

By sabz, March 10,2016

Second trailer for ‘Captain America : Civil war’ released.the movie will be hitting theaters on may 5 2016.however Indian release date hasn’t been confirmed

J.j simmons casted as commisioner gordan in ‘justice league part one’

By sabz, March 08,2016

Commissioner gordan is one of the top supporting characters in the batman stories.the latest announcement is that J.J Simmons,the actor who is well known for…

Batman vs superman : all the leads takes shots at each other to promote charity event!

By sabz, March 07,2016

‘Batman vs Superman : Dawn of justice’ reaches theaters near you on March 25 2016

Bad boys 3 release date confirmed!

By sabz, March 06,2016

Last year,Sony announced ‘Bad boys 3’ release schedule on February 17th 2017.they even announced ‘bad boys 4’ release on July 3 2019. However Sony have…