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Gethu Review (2016)

Posted by: haroon on: Jan 14,2016 in: Kollywood, Reviews

Production: Red Giant Movies

Starring: Udhayanidhi Stalin,Amy Jackson,Sathyaraj,Vikranath,Karunakaran

Director: Thirukumaran

Music: Harris Jayaraj

Cinematography: Sukumar

Editing: Dinesh Ponraj

Thirukumaran who made his debut with Maan Karatae with Siva Kathikeyan, His next flick is Gethu With Udhayanidhi Stalin. Well when the trailer of the film is released there were some expectations and buzz around. But the film does not have a 5% what the trailer has From the story to casting nothing sticks, there is no screenplay in it no story nothing.


Sathyaraj is a P.E.T Teacher When he somehow involves in a problem he got arrested when Udhaynidhi tries to find it he found Vikranth and his plans this is the plot. Udhayanidhi he is just standing in the frame like a set property or like a robo no expressions in his face nothing though it is a fight scene, sentiment scene or whatever there is nothing in his face.


Coming to the female lead Amy Jackson i don’t know why she is in the film her portions are just irritating and she just over reacts or over acts for every scene. when you have a male lead who is doing nothing and a female lead who just overacting you just get irritated to the core.


Antagonist Vikranth They Showed him when the film starts then he came 20 min before the climax there is no scope for him too Music is composed by Harris Jayaraj it has 5 tracks glad they picturized¬†just 3 songs I¬†didn’t have no idea why songs are coming in this film.


Heroine fell in love with hero and there comes a song where hero sings to heroine to accept his love. Then there is a situation where Sathyraj had come out from a trouble and next sequence is a song where hero and heroine romancing each other.


Coming to the BGM’S there is not a single scene without BGM there is some music always running in the background without no reason the music was also too noisy and irritates the head it gives a head ache. The only compliment you gets in the film is Visuals DOP Sukumar has done a tremendous job in picturizing this movie. He is the only plus in the movie.


Gethu a film without no screenplay, no proper story, irritating songs and performances from the lead. You can’t enjoy single scene in the movie. Avoid at any cost, save your money and time.