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Deadpool Review

Posted by: sabz on: Feb 12,2016 in: Hollywood, Reviews

  • Genre- Action,Comedy,Science-Fiction
  • Date of release- 12 February 2016
  • Director- Tim miller
  • Starring- Ryan reynolds,Morena Beccarin,Ed skrein

    Dead pool finally hits theatres after his disppointing portrayal in ‘x-men origins:wolverine’.The film is directed by debutant Tim miller.The basic premise of the film is about a man taking revenge on a number of people for conducting rogue experiments on him.


  • The movie delivers perfectly what was expected from the trailers and the small clips the makers gave us for marketing.its a perfect dead pool movie made for the comic book fans.the movie brilliantly shows every aspect of dead pool character,from humour senses to his flexible morality.
  • This is a unique and ground breaking movie in the superhero genre as the main protagonist is violent,morally flexible and jokes around in almost every scene he is in.So,this movie is definitely a unique experience for superhero moviegoers
  • Ryan reynolds absolutely owns the role as dead pool.he was the perfect cast for the role as he has done full justice to the character.he is what robert downey junior is to iron man.his performance is one of the best aspects of the film.
  • The movie finds a perfect balance between action,comedy and drama which is rarely seen in most action movies.Very few films are able to pull off this balance and dead pool does it perfectly
  • The fourth wall jokes of dead pool deserves a special mention as it is one of the best aspects of the movie.unlike any other heroes or superheroes that i have seen,dead pool knows that he is in a superhero movie.
  • The movie perfectly uses its ‘R’ rating(A certificate in India)without being too gory.Almost every single action sequence is violent but its a violent in an entertaining way.
  • The special effects used for most part of the movie was perfect.The CGI used for dead pool’s eyes,action sequences,set pieces and the epic climax sequence was great.
  • The movie has an emotional romantic core which was developed well throughout the film.the heroine is not just a cliched hot chick that we see in big budget films these days
  • The sub characters such as colossus and nega sonic teenage warhead were a gem to watch as the film clearly says that they belong to the x men universe.so the makers have cleverly added dead pool to the x men universe which leaves us high hopes for a dead pool involved x men movie in the future
  • The film depicts two of the x men characters in the film as cliched superheroes that we have seen in the past few years.when dead pool interacts with them,we can clearly see how much the character of dead pool is different from the cliched superheroes
  • The opening and ending credits scenes are one of the best ever that i have ever seen.The opening credits itself establishes the tone of the film perfectly


  • The major problem with the film is its story.its a generic revenge tale that we have already seen in several other movies.this clearly affects the second half of the film as we become more predictable as the story unfolds.this lowers the tension as the movie goes on.
  • All of the villains in the movie were just one dimensional.the motives and back stories of the villains were not compelling enough

    Verdict-So,even with its minor flaws dead pool is a unique and ground breaking film in superhero genre of films that has a perfect balance of comedy and action.This is a must watch movie for fans of the super hero genre.