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Darwinte Parinamam REVIEW

Posted by: sabz on: Mar 18,2016 in: Mollywood, News, Reviews

  • Genre- Thriller,Action,Comedy
  • Date of release- march 18 2016
  • Direction- Jijo Antony
  • Written- Manoj Nair
  • Starring- Prithviraj,Chemban vinod,Chandini SreedhaSreedharan

‘Darwinte parinamam’ is a film directed by Debutant Jijo antony.this is the second release of prithviraj in 2016 after ‘Pavada’.without spoiling anything,the basic premise of the film is about the life of an ordinary man and a Goon.


  • The most intriguing aspect of the film was the first act which was emotional,dramatic and relatable.
  • The relationship between prithiviraj and heroine during the first half of the film was weldone.I was really able to understand and feel for the struggle and love that these characters went through.
  • Rather than showing us a clichéd villain,film tries to explore his character more and tries to give more dimension to him.so the movie deserves an applause for that.
  • Performance from the leads were good.Prithviraj once again gives a great performance,especially during the emotional first half of the film.Chemban vinod’s looks,screen presence and performance was convincing and believable.Chandini sreedharan was convincing for the most part of the film
  • The comic parts of the film was ok.it was not annoying unlike some of the films these days.There were few good jokes all throughout the film
  • Songs and BGM were ok.none of the songs were annoying and none felt not needed.


  • Biggest disappointment for me was Chemban vinod’s character.As the film begins,it tries to explore his character well but as movie progresses his character becomes wasted.The movie should have had more drama for his character because ultimately his character is as important as prithvirajs character.
  • Because of the lack of character development for chemban’s character,final act was a big disappointment.
  • The second act and final act was a huge letdown because it fully focuses on the entertainment aspects of the film and forgets to establish a proper emotional drama
  • Other characters were also wasted especially Shammi thilakans character as the movie went full on “entertainment mode” in the second half.

Verdict- Overall,’Darwinte Parinamam’ is a failed attempt as it focuses too much on the entertainment side on the second half of the film.watch it only if you don’t have any other things to do.

Score- 6.7/10