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Booloham Review (2015)

Posted by: haroon on: Dec 26,2015 in: Kollywood, Reviews

Cast: Ganja Karuppu, Jayam Ravi, Nathan Jones, Ponvannan, Prakash Raj, Trisha Krishnan
Direction: N.Kalyanakrishnan
Screenplay: N.Kalyanakrishnan
Story: N.Kalyanakrishnan
Music: Srikanth Deva
Background score: Srikanth Deva

kollywood is all about trends and to a certain feat – it always has been. Masala Films, horror flicks, Love Stories, teen comedies, etc. chiefly dealing with the same subject matter – only different characters with different interactions. N.Kalyanakrishnan’s long-postponed movie ” Booloham ” finally hits the golden screens which featuring Jayam Ravi, Trisha Krishnan, Prakash Raj In lead roles. while Jayam Ravi having a victorious year but after creating a impact and letting to indulge the masterpiece to the audience (thani oruvan)

booloham obviously apprise the dark side of sports, how TV/Media use and plays with player’s life. basically sports movies predominantly clicks with viewers heartstrings that stays intact anytime as a cherish to watch, director N.Kalyanakrishnan tackles the predictable elements of the story with such verve and sensitivity that he manages to make them more palatable and mixed it with a 20 years family-revenge drama. While the perfectly shot stage performances are a highlight of the film, director incorporates this stable-camera action with refreshing dialogues to stay engaged and Romantic comedies didn’t evident seldom-effects that it could have been.

Jayam Ravi plays as booloham (dancing booloham) who belongs to prominent boxing-family. the story leisurely takes us to  flashback in opening cards where the first twist popping up as protagonist’s father attempted a suicide because of the his loss to adversary group, Trisha plays the role of same-old hero’s lady-love while Prakash Raj appear as Antagonist to make this strive more compelling. mostly due to the fact that these plots and boxing features travels an avenue that has previously been explored plenty in past films but booloham is here to provide it with a interesting path that could indulged by anyone.

the concept is a wonderful idea, director shows the object different with his techniques. packing with oodles of messages and jotting down potent dialogues that could make an impact in the present society, what another element to drawn viewers attention is well-bred fighting sequences. the movie’s Each twist providing a relish-set-up for the rest span of time and beautifully crafted delving into the details but not over doing, Besides all of the various twists, the acting was also fantastic – S.P. Jahanathan’s screenplay charged highly with his engaging techniques as succeed to boast some of the most exhilarating action ever captured in a long while and physically exhausting, which offers a personal sense of satisfaction

Booloham is both a cinematic experience and a rational experience. it indicates the hunger of Media’s as well hidden talents that still being invisible to the world , the film appealed to the widest audience, and all felt the emotion and intense passion which passed from the flick, The film’s strength coming from endearing and challenging lines- also from the flawless cast, jayam ravi aleady has done wonders with gloves and this is another interesting choice for the lead, certainly has his moments to shine – visible in the finely choreographed fight sequences. – His performance is arrogant, powerful, enthralling, and even menacing when it needs to be. Trisha is exquisite as always, she is convincing with her role but she maintains the old-fashioned style ” comes-dissapears” which is a nothing-new for the opend-mind movie goers. Prakash Raj as Deepak, who is a delight in every scene plays ingenious antagonist is a owner of high-speed-growing TV Channel – another praise-worthy and  he shines mightily – what with his seemingly endless quips and evilish one-liners. the rest of the cast is quite enjoyable too.

the film’s score is a let-down which lacks the fascinating-pace, the main bummer is run-of-the-mill second half which pursuing a very predictable plotline and a good romance is a joy to experience but usually containing a romantic element as well as the other dramas makes it bit tedious, the movie’s first half had a amusing feel which nicely sets up for the following half but director couldn’t exalt it to the same way as its predecessor does, Coupling that with the highly predictable ending rather than anything in the way of a surprise. this grab bag of dropped plot points, visual metaphors, and theatrical cues looks like the underdrawing of a comic drama – The pragmatic sets and rogue costumes look particularly eye-opening, and the film has a kind of unfavourable adult-humor that feels superfluous.

Overall, Booloham is a solid punch, and easily contains enough light-heated adventure to sustain the attention of most younger audience. the story isn’t really taken to its full potential, thanks to an unfortunately clunky structure despite brilliant performances, good dialogues and there is few minor flaw in this feature but What really made up the movie was the message. despite the predictable elements it had. This movie did not try to pretend to be merely out and out action drama, it denotes the behind verity of Medias and one of The saddest thing in the world is risking anyone’s life to earn their own benefits and keeping the promising talents in dark.

Rating 3/5