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Ben affleck has written his script for his solo ‘batman’ movie!

Posted by: sabz on: Mar 31,2016 in: Hollywood, News

The best aspect about ‘Batman vs Superman: dawn of justice’ was the Ben affleck’s Batman.he presented a batman who was seasoned,brutal and even psychotic to some point.even for critics who did like the movie praised his performance.there have been alot discussions among the fans about a solo batman movie directed by Ben affleck.’Argo’ was a movie directed by Ben which won the Oscar for Best picture in 2012.now the latest news from Hollywood reporter is about a solo batman movie.Patrick Whitesell,co-CEO of mega talent agency WME-IMG,told

He’s contracted to do atleast justice league one and two,so atleast 3 times wearing the cape.There’s a script that he’s written that is really cool idea.So that’s there as an opinion”

So thats a good news for all batman fans.Ben is not only an Oscar winning director but also an Oscar winning screen writer for the movie ‘Goodwill hunting’.with Ben in charge of script and direction,we can expect a great film.but fans have to wait until 2020 because Warner Bros has already scheduled their upcoming DC films till 2020.so obviously,Ben’s solo batman movie will have to wait until 2020.

Batman vs Superman : Dawn of Justice is now playing in theaters near you.Suicide Squad will be releasing on August 5th 2016.these are 2 DC movies of 2016.