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Batman vs Superman : Dawn of Justice Review

Posted by: sabz on: Mar 24,2016 in: Hollywood, Reviews

  • Genre- Sci-fi,Action,superhero
  • Date of release- 24 March 2016
  • Directed by- Zack Snyder
  • Written by- David S Goyer,Chris terrio
  • Starring- Ben affleck,Henry cavill,Jesse eissenberg

‘Batman vs superman : Dawn of Justice’ finally hits theaters and it is the most anticipated movie for me because I love these characters and these characters were part of my childhood.the movie is a sequel to ‘Man of steel’ which launched the DC cinematic universe and this movie tries to extends the universe.without any spoilers,the basic plot of the film is about the introduction of batman and his relation with superman in this universe that the prequel set up.


  • The most interesting element about the film was batman.every batman scene was just brilliant.his story,his motive, his characterization and scenes were the best part of the movie.this is arguably the best incarnation of batman on the big screen
  • The beginning of the film was just amazing.without spoilers,I would say that from the beginning itself sets up the motives of batman in a great way.
  • The way the movie explores superman’s character is fantastic.’Man of steel’ treated superman realistically with alot of metaphors to God.this movie further explores that idea well.
  • Visuals especially the action sequences were incredible.unlike ‘Man of steel’, there is no clumpsy cinematography.we can clearly enjoy the action well.
  • Ben afflecks nails the role.his batman as well as alter ego Bruce Wayne character were amazing.personally except for Michael Keaton,no one has been able to portray Bruce Wayne well.but Ben afflecks just does it better.
  • The fight between batman and Superman was just epic.it shows the planning and the ruthlessness of batman and the humility of superman in a great way.who won the fight?that you will have to see for yourself.
  • Performance from cast members such as Henry cavill,Jeremy,Amy Adams were fine.
  • We get to see batman,superman and wonder woman in action.when they are on screen,they are just amazing and we get alot of nostalgia from our childhood.
  • The climax was great and it was unexpected.but thinking of it now,I felt that they didn’t needed to do in this movie.but as a stand alone film,it was great.
  • The movie is an ultimate film made for the fans of DC.there are alot of references that are made for future films and die hard DC fans will surely have a great time.


  • The basic story and certain parts of the script is just weak.there are certain instances that are so lazy and forced that will clearly get under your nerves.
  • Jesse eissenberg was just horrible.he was just so silly and completely destroyed some of the pivotal moments of the film.
  • Jesse eisenberg’s lex luthor can arguably be said as the most pivotal character of the script and his character was not developed well.his motives and some of the things that his character does is not believable or convincing at all.his poor characterization along with a poor performance certainly pulled me away from the movie.
  • The movie has alot of references and sequences that sets up the future films of DCEU which can only be understood by the fans.general audience may scratch their head.
  • The way the overall story unfolded was poor.the 1st half of the story setups the realistic tone along with  metaphors and psychology of lead characters but when second half ends it just becomes a generic sci-fi film.the movie terribly failed at making a proper cohesion in the story.

Verdict- so ‘Batman vs Superman : Dawn of justice’ is a flawed movie that doesn’t live up to the hype but certainly has its moments and will surely satisfy the diehard fans of these DC characters.

Score- 7.3/10

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