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Airlift Review

Posted by: mollywood on: Jan 22,2016 in: Bollywood, Reviews


Whenever Akshay Kumar does a movie, he always ensures that he does it for his passion and love towards the movie and surely not targeting any records. He kept our faith in him with ‘Airlift’ also. It’s a neatly made thriller which depicts the real life effort made by India for its biggest rescue mission ever.


The story is all about the incidents that took place in 1990, during the first Gulf War, where over 170,000 Indians were stranded in Kuwait when it was attacked by Iraq and India’s mighty effort to rescue all Indians who were stuck in there from death


Akshay Kumar has delivered a brilliant performance and it’s one of his best.Nimrat Kaur as Amritha was also good in her performance but she seems to be limited in presence of screen sharing. Feryna Wazheir, Inaamulhaq, Lena, Purab Kohli, Kumud Mishra and Prakash Belawadi have alsodone justice to their roles


The director of the movie, Raja Krishna Menon, knew what he was making and has given his 100% effort for the same. He has made it a decent thriller without much cinematic exaggerations. From scripting side also, there is no vague flaws and the pen is almost so gripped throughout the length. Airlift excels in its technical side almost all the outcomes were superb especially cinematography by a female cinematographer Priya Seth and the visuals she captured was steady and vigorous. Amaal Mallik and Ankit Tiwari’s music and background score,fine editing by Hemanti Sarkar ensures the technical beauty for Airlift.


On the whole Airlift is a fine decent thriller for all those who love our country. A chance to feel proud about ourselves for being a part of this mighty democracy. It is a type of movie which should be watched at theaters and not after torrent release or in pirated copies.


Rating: 3.75/5