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Adi kapyare kootamani Review

Posted by: sabz on: Feb 09,2016 in: Mollywood, Reviews

  • Genre– Comedy,thriller,horror
  • Date of release– 25 december 2015
  • Director– John varghese
  • Starring- Dyan sreenivasan,Namitha pramod,Aju varghese

    Debutant director john varghese teams up with youth icons of Malayalam indutry to bring us his first venture ‘Adi kapyare kootamani’. Dhyan sreenivasan is back with his second film of the year after ‘Kunjiramayanam’.This youth movie as expected from its trailers is a comedy film wiith elements of horror in it.The basic plot of the film is about Namitha pramods character named ‘Adhista lekshmi’ getting stuck in a boys college hostel under certain circumstances and how she tries to escape from there is what the film is all about.


  • Its a fun movie which carries its comic moments all through out the movie.The movie manages to keep its comic moments in almost every single scene without being slapstick.even in serious situations there is comedy and they are handled well
  • Even though the premise is simple,it keeps you invested and entertained throughout the movie with lots of fun and bits of horror elements
  • Performance from most of the cast members were convincing.Since its a comedy film,it didn’t had  much of a drama.All that was required was to portray all the funny moments in an entertaining way and most of the cast has done it.
  • The movie deserves a special mention for showcasing the hostel life of boys as the viewers might be to relate to the events happening especially if you are a youngster.
  • The film have bits of horror elements in it and that was shown convincingly.those horror elements had its spookiness and thrill in the right proportion.
  • The background score and the solo song of the film was good.


  • Most of characters in the film are underdeveloped due to lack of drama.There is no specific behavioural  traits for most of the characters
  • Dhyan sreenivasan still need to improve alot as an actor as he was not convincing in some of the scenes.his dialog delivery lacks charisma and naturality.
  • The movie leaves alot of unanswered questions regarding the story and characters

    Verdict-So,’adikapyare kootamani’ is a good entertaining film that is especially meant for the youth with lots of funny moments and a few horror elements that keeps you invested throughout the film.