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Action Hero Biju Review

Posted by: sabz on: Feb 08,2016 in: Mollywood, Reviews

  • Genre– Drama,thriller
  • Date of release– February 4 2016
  • Director– Abrid shine
  • Starring– Nivin Pauly, Joju george, Major Ravi, Anu Emmanuel

In 2014,Director Abrid shine teamed up with actor nivin pauly to give us an inspirational sports drama film named ‘1983′.It was one of the biggest successful films of the year. Nivin pauly went onto give his career best performance in ‘Premam’ which was released in 2015.’Premam’ went onto become a huge success in both Kerala as well as Tamil Nadu.So the ‘1983’ team is back in 2016 with their latest venture ‘Action hero biju’ which can be said as the most anticipated film of Nivin pauly. So the basic plot of this movie focuses on the everyday life of a Police officer named ‘biju’ and how he reacts to different crimes and circumstances that we see in our society.


  • This is one of the most realistic police story portrayed in Malayalam cinema.Unlike police films from the past,the protagonist ‘biju’ does not argue with politicians or high ranked police officers. He is simply a cop that we see in our day today life which makes the movie more realistic and relatable as a viewer
  • The film discusses few socially relevant affairs such as dog bites,use of marijuana,suicide,extra marital affairs etc that are happening in our society.
  • For the most part,nivin pauly has done justice to the role.he had the toughness and required physique of a police officer.supporting roles didn’t have much to do as the movie was about the how ‘biju’ reacts towards different circumstances.but still for the screen time they were given the supporting cast did well.
  • The casting was perfect.characters such as middle aged policemen,drunks,goons etc looked realistic.special applause should go to the director for casting few new faces that looked exactly like their roles
  • Suraj venjaramoodu deserves a special mention as he was the one who stole the show for me.his story and character was the best in the whole movie and it really touches our heart.he portrayed his character to perfection without being excessively melodramatic.
  • There are only 2 songs in the whole movie and those two songs were good


  • Some of the events happening in the film lacks freshness and thereby lacks the emotional impact.
  • Film is about a series of socially relevant events that the police has to face.however,the film clearly lacks to focus on 1 particular one as there are too much of them happening.This clearly affected the whole movie adversely
  • Heroine was wasted.Even though the casting and acting was good for most part of the movie,heroine didnt have much do and her character was wasted.she makes very little impact in the whole movie
  • Nivin pauly as actor still need to improve in dialog delivery.he justified his role well for the most part but still struggled to deliver some of the dialogs with enough punch.
  • Climax was a big disappointment.it did not had any thrill or suspense at all.if you try to think about how they tried to tie in the beginning and end of the film,its a disappointment.

Verdict – So,Action hero biju is a unique police story in Malayalam cinema as it tries to depict a realistic life of a police officer and how he reacts to different social dilemmas.however the film also suffers from too much layers in the story and under developed characters.so i recommend to watch biju with lowered expectation and watch it for its realism and social relevance.

Score – 7/10