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Vedalam Review (2015)

Posted by: raj on: Nov 11,2015 in: Kollywood, Reviews

Production:Shri Shai Ram Creations
Flim Cast:Ajith,Lakshmi Menon,Sruthi Hasan,Soori,Rahul Dev,Ashwin

Vedalam A Masala Family Entertainer With Some Melodrama and a Dragging First Half With Fastly Moving Second Half Which Did Not Worked Out Great But Good

Ajith is a actor who have given hatrick hits in last three years and vedalam is his next upcoming flim,in this flim he joins with director siva who he previously worked in veeram and gave a hit.when this two joins for the second time there began to start expectations when the first look ,teaser and songs was released the expectations started to raise high by day and during the release time the expectations reached sky high.Due to sky high expectations Vedalam released in a record number of screens and recieved a great opening

Entering into the story it was a usual revenge story Where.Lakshmi menon’s Father and Mother was killed by the villain and his two brothers Ajith Takes Revenge for it

Ajith Kumar the man who carried the whole flim in his shoulder. Ajith acted in two different shades in this flim one is innocent and other one is contrasting A Naughty,Arrogant like a Pyshoic Killer.He excels Very well in both the characters.After long time ajith had all the scopes in this flim he done comedy,he danced, he emotes his feelings and he scores in every area.In flash back scenes you can see the old type of ahith which you seen in flims like varalaru and villain

Lakshmi Menon is the another big plus for this flim.She plays ajith’s sister role in this flim.The sisiter chemistry between ajith and lakshmi menon worked out well after sundara pandian lakshmi menon gives her best to this flim.other stars like Ganesh,Kovai sarla,Mayil swamy comes for some scenes.Thambi Rammaiah Who plays lakshmi menon’s Father did a great role and his perfomance is a show stealer perfomance in the second half.Talking about shruthi and soori they are the curse of this flim.when ever they came on screen you get irritated.Soori’s comedies are unbearable and there is nothing to talk about shruthi’s perfomance.There are three big villains in this flim main villain is Rahul dev and he is the best of them

As the flim starts first twenty minutes is too dragging and when ajith started to follow the side villain the story slowly takes of the pace and when the transformation scene happens the stroy started to move on and finished the interval with a twist and the second half started to move fastly in a good pace till the end

Talking about technician’s Anirudh is anothe plus for the flim his BGM’s are rocking.He put two themes for the hero one in the present and another in the falsh back both worked out really well and he makes the whole theatre dance with veera vinayaga and aaluma doluma.Cinematographer Vetri has done a tremondous job his frames are flawless ligtings are good and stunts need a special mention there are three fights with three villains and three fights were well executed stunt silva done a great job

Shiva knows the pulse of ajith fans and he delievers what they expect from ajith.Vedalam is a masala entertainer especially made for ajith fans and family audiences.In this festival time if you want to enjoy and celebrate you can go with your family and totally enjoy the flim the flim never dissapoints you and worth your money