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4 Reasons why you should watch Deadpool?

Posted by: sabz on: Feb 13,2016 in: Articles, Hollywood

Dead pool is a movie that is completely made for fans of superhero genre.here are the four reasons why you need to watch it if you are a fan of the genre.

1.The Character-The character of dead pool is what sets him apart from other superheroes.he is violent,witty and a complete badass.he cracks jokes no matter what the situation is.that’s why he is called as ‘the merc with the mouth’.he constantly talks in almost every scene and its a joy to watch.

another aspect of his character is his morality.unlike other heroes,dead pool kills people and he does it for revenge.sure,people dead pool kills are bad guys but bad guy or not,killing is something that no super hero will do.this makes dead pool an anti hero and more interesting.

His ability to regenerate is another captivating factor.in the movie,he goes through various dangerous circumstances (i am not going to spoil for you)inwhich his healing ability allows him to survive.

Furthermore his weapons include guns and swords which are lethal weapons unlike other heroes.the movie has alot of sweet moments where he uses his swords and guns.this makes deadpool more interesting.

2.’R’ rated hero (‘A’ certificate in India)-yes,dead pool is a hero meant for mature audience only.dead pool makes tons of ‘F’ bombs and makes references to people’s genital organs.but it’s shown in a hilarious and enjoyable way.

The ‘F’ bombs are not only the reason why the movie got an ‘R’ rating but as I said in my review,the film uses its ‘R’ rating in the best way possible.the action scenes are violent and as I said above,its still enjoyable.we applaud when the bullet goes through people’s head in slow motion.

So this movie is ambitious and daring to other movies of genre as this film is meant only for mature audience.

3.Breaking 4th wall-breaking the 4th wall is an attribute to dead pool’s character.the character himself knows that he is in a comic book movie.thats why I mention this seperately.this shade of the character allows dead pool to directly interact with the audience which is never seen in any super hero films.

This one attribute itself is enough makes the whole film interesting.we have seen leonardo dicaprio talk to the audience in ‘wolf of wall street’ even though its only for a brief amount of time,it was great.so now he have dead pool who has ‘breaking the 4th wall’ as his basic character trait.so this allows the makers to explore themes which has never been seen in cinema before.it gives us a unique feel to the movie unlike any other films that we have seen before.


4.Faithful to the comics- Over the past couple of years we have seen comic book movies making huge success at the box office.films like Christopher nolans dark knight trilogy,avengers etc were some of the best comic book films that made huge money.but they all were not fully faithful to the comic book.best example is Christopher nolans batman.Nolan batman movies were his own incarnation of the dark knight and it only took bits and pieces from the comics.

Dead pool however is the only movie that is fully faithful to the dead pool comics.it is set in x men universe and it has almost every over the top aspects of the comic.so if you are a fan of comics,this is ultimate movie for you.